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Holiday times: 12/23/14 last show this year... for 2015 Schedule: Sunday’s 1700-2000 (5pm-8pm) central Tuesday's & Fridays 2100-2300 (9-11pm) central We are growing and by word of mouth only! Join my tens of listeners and find out what we are all about. We take the thought’s of the Founders & Framers, the Organic Guiding Documents of our Founding, & what we have learned from History and apply it to the current events of our lives. Freedom Studies 101: UGP Radio is your school for Remedial Conservative Studies. Come explore the depths & values of a free society & limited government! We are growing! With over 70,000 served!

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How has Africa fared since the end of apartheid? Reports of food shortages and murder run rampant...Let's take a closer look at a country in peril and ponder why the left and "black leaders" are doing nothing about it while championing crime in Ferguson…. Join me and my guest Karin from Operation American Spring tonight!
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SONS OF LIBERTY, the three-night, six-hour event, follows a defiant and radical group of young men–Sam Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Dr. Joseph Warren–as they band together in secrecy to... more

Life! Liberty! And The Pursuit Of Liberty! Ok, we all know that colloquial saying penned by the great Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president of these United States, but what does it mean and does it still apply to those of us living in a post... more

talking Sun Tzu and American History

what is normal? Is there such a thing? How do you process information? Would you change that? Trade your brain for another?

Constitution and Capitalism...do they go together? Is capitalism Constitutional? And other questions for the professor by Kenberly Ann McClennton, The Exceptional Conservative tonight on UGPRadio

Constitution: Dead? Alive? Or On Life Support? lets talk about a living Constitution tonight House of Burgesses in Virginia tonight and their controversial vote on supporting Israel and the run-a-way brides of the Democrat... more

why philosophy? what is it and why do we need it? how sign language, symbols, non-verbal language etc...

tonight we talk wealth what is it? how to get it how to get out of debt

talking the Constitution with the Rotund Voice Of Conservatism

the finish of the Bastiat book, The Law
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