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New Schedule: Sunday’s 1800-2000 (6pm-8pm) central Tuesday's & Fridays 2100-2300 (9-11pm) central We are growing and by word of mouth only! Join my tens of listeners and find out what we are all about. We take the thought’s of the Founders & Framers, the Organic Guiding Documents of our Founding, & what we have learned from History and apply it to the current events of our lives. Freedom Studies 101: UGP Radio is your school for Remedial Conservative Studies. Come explore the depths & values of a free society & limited government! We are growing! With over 70,000 served!

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tonight I plan on going over the news and cleaning up orphans...it will be a furious show so put on your fast ears...
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Tonight we will look at the book by Thomas Sowell: The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy isbn# 13 978-0-465-08995-6 let's continue our investigation into how and why our society has taken the turn it has... more

Let's talk religion and meaning... muhadean, Christian, etc...

tonight I feel the need to go over the amendments and have a talk concerning the penumbra We will also look into the case of the paramecia paradigm and solve this age old cold case, bring your pencils, paper, and magnifying glasses

Tonight more on the topic of Islam, the religion or cult, the people and their practices, and how we see them as kafirs...

I will be back in studio for a live UGP Show! :-) How did we get from a country of individuals responsible for their own actions to one where even the president & commander in chief can get away with blaming his predecessor of 7 years for... more

Tonight will be a rebroadcast of our show starting the primer on the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Grab a pencil and paper, your going to want to take notes... The Exceptional Conservative feels the 2nd Amendment is the most... more

could not access BTR last night due to system wide shutdown that turns out to be only me! Grabbing some airtime to talk about this, new bits, and the next couple of shows...

When Pigs Fly...too late. In fact, I think they are able to out shine the Blue Angles... POTUS claims roads & bridges & airports are why countries are succesful. He also claims the government is the maker of these things, therefor... more

UGP Radio #272 Tour De Fra & Secret Agent Aussie Steve Tonight We will be discussing the concept of representation by our elected leaders. Does your congressman and senators spend more time protecting your rights or the alleged... more

Let's look at the Qur'an and how the Founder's felt about the cult of Muhamadeans Feedback on The Minuet Man Minuet www.undergroundprofessor.us
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