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Rich versus Wealthy – It’s Not The Same Thing

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Unborn Leaders

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Which do you want to be; rich or wealthy? Rich is not wealthy and wealthy is not rich. The two words are often used to mean the same thing by those who are neither rich nor wealthy. Even the rich might think themselves wealthy but make no mistake, the wealthy never think of themselves as rich. Confused?

Poor Or Broke?

First of all, let us look at the opposites of the words rich and wealthy. The opposite of rich is poor. The opposite of wealthy is destitute, or in the vernacular, broke. What do those two words, poor and broke, actually signify? Broke is easy. We all know what broke means as I am sure at some stage in our lives we have all believed ourselves to be broke. Broke means to be penniless, to have no money. What many of us are like the night before payday. The reason why you are reading this is to stop being broke, especially on a regular basis, living payday to payday. But do we want to become rich, or wealthy?  

If nothing else, becoming wealthy means you are no longer a part of the problem. You can now decide for yourself if you wish to be a part of the solution. You can also decide if you want to lead others to the same place and really make a difference. Very few poor people are able to make such a difference to their own lives let alone society as a whole.

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