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The Uhuru Hip Hop Movement is a Freedom Movement geared towards liberating the minds, souls, and artistic talents of the Hip Hop Culture, from the immoral corporate titans of the music industry and Entertainment World. The goal and aim of the Movement is aimed at a complete corporate take over. Industrial subversion; mental, spiritual, and artistic Freedom and detachment from the present immoral, fratricidal, genocide, and misogynous strong hold that’s perpetually promoted, encouraged, and exploited by the music industry. Freedom from what has become a Death Culture for the Black and Brown Community, who’s the primary benefactor of this culture called Hip Hop. The Uhuru Hip Hop Movement will counter the current negative movement of the death culture, by first exposing the mind state of the culprits and perpetrators of the negative death culture. The mind state is the wicked mind state of White Supremacy and Zionism. This White Supremacist mind state has no interest what so ever in the Moral, Spiritual or Social,Political, and Economic Development and Advancement of the Black and Brown Community at Large. Then why should such a mind state hold the reigns of our culture? It’s Revolution Time. Revolution means Change! The Movement is here to bring about a change. The current death culture is detrimental to the mental, physical, and moral health of our current and future generations and with no end in sight. Our children and young people are constantly bomb barded with negative images of nudity, sex, murder, homosexuality, rape, and robbery. There’s absolutely no way to guard the young minds of our youth from the exposure of such immoral and indecent images. Satan begins campaigning for the minds of our youth at a very early age, via Television, Radio, Billboards, Peers, Poverty, Videos, Cinema, Media, etc… Every avenue leading to the young minds of the youth have been captured and occupied by the wicked mind of White Supremacy.

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