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Hosted by Steve and Carlos. UFO Buzz explores the various topics surrounding the reality of UFO's. Discussions on UFO content found on YouTube and the mainstream media. Topics also include controversial subjects such as 911 Truth, New World Order, FREE Energy and more!

On-Demand Episodes

The Event NBC TV Series. Earth-like Planet Found. UN Appoints a SPACE AMBASSADOR. National Press Club UFO Press Conference.

Has UFO Disclosure Occurred under our Nose? History Channel goes Wild on UFO's. High Fructose Corn Syrup renamed to Corn Sugar. David vs Monsanto - Percy Schmeiser. UFO and Police State Headlines and MORE!

The G20 and the excessive police force. The History Channel rolls out fresh content on USO's. The BP Oil Spill, is this the beginning of the end?

NASA Sun Images Reveal Large Orbs. A UFO over Newfoundland. Underwear Bomber Led on Plane by Well Dressed Man. The Swine Flu Hoax Exposed.

Headlines in the Mainstream and Alternative Media. Forced Swine Flu Inoculations. Charlie Sheen 911 Questions for President. Latest UFO News and More!

Project Camelot interviews Dr Steven Greer. Buzz Aldrin Reveals Existence of Monolith on Mars Moon. - Nick Pope/Coast to Coast on UFO Documents released by Russia. The ObamaCare Controversy.

UFO's in Boca Raton. Lockhead Skunkworks, USAF and CIA say UFO's Real. ChemTrails, Forced Medication Through Public Air Supply. Anti-War Movement Stopped by Obama Zombies.

Rants and info by Carlos since Steve's internet connection is wacked. MJ Distraction While You Suffer. Obama Epanding AfPak War. ChemTrails and more.

This is a test show........