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The Urban Coalition of Freelance Writers is an organization that strives for cultural diversity and open dialogue within the urban community and other communities at large. We are dedicated to shedding the light on more liberal ideas and ideologies that are often neglected as well as embracing traditional ideas and ways of thinking. It is our goal to appeal to a large cross section of individuals, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, religious back ground, creed, or cultural background. We accomplish this through the posting of periodical blogs, videos, works/forms of artistic expression and/or articles on events and issues that have an impact on the urban community as a whole.

On-Demand Episodes

We will continue our discussion on preference vs prejudice in the glbt community and in general...we will have special guest to come in and discuss this issue!

This particular episode will deal with the particular issue of dogmatic and abusive men/women and when you should let these certain individuals alone...ALSO we will be discussing current events and clocking the t in the entertainment industries

Join us as me and a guest discuss race relations and black ecomonics..part 1 of our new series...lgbt issues discussed as well!

Say what you feel thursday...call in and say what is on your mind…entertainment, social issues, community issues, relationships, sex, drama, or call a !@#$ out…whatever…

Join us as we discuss black on black violence and media stereotypes of blacks...as well as police brutality we will also be discussing other local news/celeb news/progressive politics

Join us as we discuss world news, entertainment news, politics, ect...also we will be discussing the controversial topic: Is Lady Gaga truly for the lbgt community or a hinderance/parasite to a the lgbt community

We will be discussing family issues, drama, and dysfunction and how we can work through it. check us out at www.youtube.com/ucofw, www.twitter.com/ucofw, www.myspace.com/ucofw, and our fan page on facebook The Urban Coalition... more

We will be discussing relationship drama and how to avoid it...also we will be discussing politics, entertainment news, ect...check us out at www.youtube.com/ucofw, www.twitter.com/ucofw, www.myspace.com/ucofw,... more

In this special edition show the urban wire cast will discuss the recent cop killing in Indianapolis of David Moore and how it relates to recent killings and beatings of Indy citizens in recent months...is there a bias in the media? How does the... more

Continuance of our previous series...do you really know the person youre dating and bringing around your friends and family?