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Peculiar People Welcome! UnCommon Christianity welcomes you to its weekly podcast on which we examine the issues of today and answer your questions! Contact us via Twitter (@UCC_Show), email (askuccshow@benotcommon.com) or through Facebook (facebook.com/uccministries).

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To Know True Love, We Must Forget The Counterfeit The world around us is broken and prone to wearing masks. According to the Bible, it also hates the truth; it follows, then, that the ruler of this world will constantly attempt to... more

Question... Meet Answer. Ya'll have asked a lot of great questions, and tonight, it's time to get to some answers. We're answering questions from our listeners this evening, and they are far from boring. Ever wonder why we don't have more... more

Conviction Can Lead To Beautiful Places We all need compassion. Are you bestowing the same level of love and compassion that you expect of others? Join Miss Kim to learn how conviction births compassion. And how compassion is an... more

Our Allegiance Is To God Alone You have seen it, though you may not have recognized it. You have heard it, but you may not have understood it. It sounds fantastic, but it is deeply flawed... And dangerous to your spiritual health.... more

Your Testimony Is Special! This is a special rebroadcast. This morning, we at UnCommon Christianity Ministries have a few questions for you: Do you know what a testimony is? Think yours is boring? Never given a testimony? Want to... more

King Of Kings. Lion Of Judah. Rasta And Christ. Chances are that if you don't recognize the name "Haile Selassie I," you are not a Rastafarian. If you recognize the name, or you want to know the difference between Rasta and Christianity,... more

Our Witness Is Meant To Be For Christ Join Miss Kim as she digs into what it means to be a witness. Whether for Christ or for ourselves, we are all witnesses to one degree or another. As Miss Kim illustrates, it is far better to be a... more

Play By The Rules... Or Get Out! Have you ever had a minor disagreement on something small... And been blown out of the water by the reaction? That's Nursery Christianity. Tonight, we're going to talk about the penchant some... more

Unlocking The Symbolism Of The Bible The storehouses of rain and snow. A serpent on a staff. The seed of the woman. A statue destroyed by a mountain. The sign of Jonah. Five smooth stones. These are just some of the... more

Improvement Demands Going Deeper Join Miss Kim as she greets 2017 and her second season as host of WakeUp Wednesday! Today, she dives into Psalms once more, but with a brand new focus. We think we know a lot about... more