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Peculiar People Welcome! UnCommon Christianity welcomes you to its weekly podcast on which we examine the issues of today and answer your questions! Contact us via Twitter (@UCC_Show), email (askuccshow@benotcommon.com) or through Facebook (facebook.com/uccministries).

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Don't Cower In The Face Of Fear! Doesn't seem to matter where we look, hard times, tragedy and disaster appear all around us. How is a Christian to hold on to their Faith, Hope and Love in a world that increasingly despises these things?... more

There Is No Reason To Choose Sides... Reject The Division? We've seen the news the last two weeks. We've heard the reports for the last several years. We've heard the anger and the rage. We've seen the crying widows and... more

Being God's Representative Does NOT Mean Being God's Pimp... From relative unknowns like the Reverend Ike to household names to international frauds, there are pimps standing behind the pulpits of churches around the world. They... more

In The Beginning, God Created... Everywhere we look today, people who do not believe in the God of the Bible (or in Scripture) are trying to explain the origin of man and the universe in general. There's the alien seed theory, the... more

We Weren't Promised Happiness- But We Were Promised Joy... So often, we get confused when it comes to the Lord and His promises. We were told that we would prosper as our souls prosper, and we ignore everything (including... more

NOTE: Due to a prank call, we must up the rating. However, because any situation is potentially plausible for someone, we chose to answer genuinely, honestly and respectfully. We Don't Have To Approve... But We MUST Love.... more

When Do Our Kids Stay With Us In Church Service... And When Should They Go? It's a bigger issue than many within the Christian Church realize, and it's one that has caused countless tears to be shed by both child and parent;... more

How DOES the World End?! The titles of the various views within Christianity alone would cause the average person a headache. Ask your every day believer in Christ what they believe about the end of the world, and they may repeat... more

Did Gender Roles Roll Away With the Stone? Within Christendom, women have been virtually second rate citizens. All manner of phrases have been used to describe them, and their role within the family, the marriage, and the church... more

No Absolutes. No Regulation. No Point of Reference. ...And the Weight of the Universe is on Your Shoulders. If you like the idea of having no boundaries; if answering to no one is your preference; if you take issue with the thought of a... more