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Tyranny's Nemesis is dedicated to waking the masses to the threat of Islam, exposing the subversive activities of Muslims, and fighting to end the Jihad.

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In addition to talking about the Best Buy Jihad, Boycott, and related insanity, Jim of Freedom Fighter Radio will be calling in from the Qur'an burning. Best Buy Jihad Qur'an Burning Freedom Fighter Radio

Things are crumbling in Afghanistan. The strategy never really had a chance for success, especially under Obummer-the-lunatic anyway. Bring the troops home. Their allies are murdering them. And it's clear by the US solider who snapped... more

http://www.fatwaonislam.com A bunch of Qur'ans with terrorist memos and other "extremist inscriptions" were burned in Afghanistan, ostensibly "provoking" Muslims into deadly riots. Dozens of Muslims have managed to find their way to... more

Feb. 11th @ 3pm (pacific) Iranian "promises" of death and destruction Khamenei's protests held around America Global Jihad news update Upcoming Event Announcement The show is only as good as the callers, calls, and the... more

After a few months of down time, the show returns this Saturday at 3pm (pacific) Show Topics: Iran, Hezbollah & Nukes US Global Threat Assessment CAIR, the know-nothings & the 3rd Jihad Islamist Winter update Note: Paulestinians,... more

The Pakistanis are killing our people Afghan President was almost assassinated Egyptian MB are warning of the "Zio-American" plot And Hilary says we shouldn't say Jerusalem is Israel's Tune in on Saturday 10/8/11 @11:00am (pacific) to... more

US releases details of a 2007 attack by the Pakistani government. Pakistan plans to shutdown Social Media. And The Pakistani ISI has said they will be at war with America soon. It seems hard to deny that more war is on the horizon. It's... more

This week on Tyranny's Nemesis, we will discuss Jihadist propaganda operations and various other psychological tactics the subversive Muslim groups employ. Check out Psychological Warfare - Islamophobia on Fatwa On Islam for some... more

Tyranny's Nemesis will broadcast a special Sunday edition show for the 10 year anniversary of the Muslim terror attacks on America. We will discuss the history of the biggest Jihad on the planet (Muslim Brotherhood), Al-Qaeda's place in the... more

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