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Wikileaks All Over Hillary

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I'm going to do wikileaks. Originally, this story was a yawner to me. But it has taken on a life of its own. My position is basically the same as the frustration I have with people's behavior towards the bloggers on myspace. I'm not getting it. Dick Morris gets it. Certain media outlets are getting it. But here you guys are ONCE AGAIN agreeing with Hillary Clinton and the damn liberals...ONCE AGAIN!!!! Clue #1: If you are agreeing with Hillary Clinton....then you're wrong. If you and Harry Reid see eye to eye....then you are wrong. If you happen to agree with Eric Holder....then you're brain dead. And this is EXACTLY what the majority of the lot of you have done regarding these wikileaks. What HAS ACTUALLY HAPPENED is that someone, and I don't give a flying squirrel crap who it turned out to be, has EXPOSED what the Democrats have been up to. They are NOT leaking nuclear secrets to North Korea, ala Bubba Clinton. They ARE NOT leaking troop positions, deployments, and strength,ala Jack Murtha. What they ARE LEAKING is the underhand dirty tricks, felonies, and out-and-out spying that Hillary and the rest of the Obama administration is doing. Yet many good and decent conservatives are calling this guy a 'terrorist' for doing so. You will note that not a single wikileak has implicated Bush or Cheney. I'm really getting tired of conservatives being continually manipulated by knee-jerk cretins that are able to run you guys around like mice after cheese. It's embarrassing. Once again the liberals have tricked you guys into supporting their gangster agendas. You just aren't getting it. However, we can thank the 1st Amendment, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press that I can set you straight and we can continue to crush these liberal maggots like the vermin they truly are. Be there, bring pen and paper and be prepared to get educated.