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It's A Political Race...Not Racial Politics

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Obama HAS to be infuriating the liberal Democrats, because he's handing the House AND the Senate to my party, the Republicans...and on a silver platter adorned with little Spanish, oil-covered, golf balls. His latest gaffe? He honestly believes that blacks are going to determine this election. That's right, he thinks that 13% of our nation's population is going to swing the election. He goes to a black college, and a whopping 5000 people show...and that doesn't count the naked guy. Meanwhile, Dick Cheney does an interview in the conservative enclave of Bakersfield, California(?)and over 10,000 people show. 5000 blacks show for Pee-bo. 10000 Californians show for Dick Cheney. Folks, the Dems are getting their asses handed to them on the 4th. Math never lies, liberals do. Let us count the ways: Pee-bo counts every black in the tiny crowds he plays to. Joe Biden counts how many times he's called business owners 'ungrateful bastard'. Hillary Clinton is counting wrinkles. Michelle Obama counts how many extravagant vacations she takes in a year. Nancy Pelosi counts her IQ, and all on one hand. Harry Reid can't count at all...not even on his own son. The Democrat Black Caucus is counting how many members have been indicted. George Soros is counting all the money he's saving by bailing out. Bill Clinton is counting how many times he's dipped his cigar in Jewish girls. I think you get the point. Tyger to Pee-bo: It's a political race, you damn moron...not racial politics. And you lose.