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Another day, another #pinkterrorist attack on Black people. In #Tennessee a pink #Illinois man traveled down south to shoot up a #Wafflehouse filled with Black people. Hours after this attack two #Mobile #Alabama race soldiers employed by the police sexually assault a Black woman as people film. When will Black people realize they are at war? Globally, America is taunting other countries, potentially provoking a nuclear war. Elites rather blow themselves up then give America back to #woke Black people. In the midst of all this chaos Black people are upset, unfortunately they "have to" clock in to work today. What will it take for Black people to go in another direction? What will it take for them to stop the #pinkterrorism brought to their neighborhood daily? Only something huge can motivate melanated masses and whatever that huge thing is would be a God send for Black people and will be embraced. It's extreme but it's absolutely real. NUCLEAR WAR WOULD BE A BLESSING TO BLACK PEOPLE . Next #2RAW4TV we will have a panel discussion with the most #radical #revolutionary people about this, and also let people know about the #MAJOR events happening soon in #Atlanta, join us 4/26/18 11pm est Call in 5164539174 blogtalkradio.com/tworawfourtv #therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #Revolution #NuclearBomb #Syria #Russia #Wakanda #racewar #WAKEUPCALL #BlackDivinity #BlackSupremacy #ifyouhearmyvoicethenyourepartoftherevolution
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People are fed up with the lies. Lies about sex, lies about God, lies about who we are. It is because of these lies that people are leaving organized religion in groves. They are fed up and ready for the truth. Religion is now lost forever but... more

People will follow anything if it's trending. Welcome to 2017, were Black Consciousness is all the rage. Who has on the latest daishiki? Who locs are the freshest? Whose ankh is the most shiny? It seems that the concious community... more

Slavery disrupted our history, not defined it! We have always been great, we have always been first, we have always led the world. Next #2RAW4TV we speak on our past excellence, our current divinity, and our future supremacy. Plus we... more

When Martin Luther King Jr said he had a "dream" he didn't know it would turn out like this. Poverty, self hate, disenfranchisement, when Dr King realized what his movement was leading to he said he feared he was integrating his... more

You wake up in the morning and wish the day was already over. You get dressed, you get groomed, you get ready for another day in hell. You bought into the American dream and awakened in a nightmare. You are not your... more

Before there was a machine gun there was magic. The warlock would be as responsible for guarding the empire as the warrior. They whipped our ancestors for practicing African spirituality and burned witches for casting spells.... more

This is a year of Change. A year that we do things differently in our lives on every level. It is time we Changed the way we eat, live, and the relationships we have with each other. Black unity begins at home. Our nation begins with... more

There were 762 senseless murders in Chicago last year. This is just one city across America. Thousands of melanated men, women, and children fall prey to Black Death Culture. There are many reasons you can attribute these high... more

Sex. It's more then stress relief. It's more then making babies. Sex can (and has) created worlds, portals, and even whole universes. SEX= SACRED ENERGY XCHANGE, Next #2RAW4TV we talk about SEX and all its power from sex... more

What does it mean to be Supreme? Many scream they are divine but they do not know what Gods do. It is one thing to talk the talk of an awakened being but are you walking the walk? Being "concious" is now popular in pop culture. Next... more