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Another day, another #pinkterrorist attack on Black people. In #Tennessee a pink #Illinois man traveled down south to shoot up a #Wafflehouse filled with Black people. Hours after this attack two #Mobile #Alabama race soldiers employed by the police sexually assault a Black woman as people film. When will Black people realize they are at war? Globally, America is taunting other countries, potentially provoking a nuclear war. Elites rather blow themselves up then give America back to #woke Black people. In the midst of all this chaos Black people are upset, unfortunately they "have to" clock in to work today. What will it take for Black people to go in another direction? What will it take for them to stop the #pinkterrorism brought to their neighborhood daily? Only something huge can motivate melanated masses and whatever that huge thing is would be a God send for Black people and will be embraced. It's extreme but it's absolutely real. NUCLEAR WAR WOULD BE A BLESSING TO BLACK PEOPLE . Next #2RAW4TV we will have a panel discussion with the most #radical #revolutionary people about this, and also let people know about the #MAJOR events happening soon in #Atlanta, join us 4/26/18 11pm est Call in 5164539174 blogtalkradio.com/tworawfourtv #therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #Revolution #NuclearBomb #Syria #Russia #Wakanda #racewar #WAKEUPCALL #BlackDivinity #BlackSupremacy #ifyouhearmyvoicethenyourepartoftherevolution
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Before the civil war 99% of Black people "worked" for pink people and labored endlessly with no pay. After the slaves were freed and Blacks could "willingly" work for the employers of thier own choosing they were made promises by the... more

Why do Black people have the most love for people who lied to them? Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss how even one enslaved belief can kill your hopes, dreams, and even you if you let them. What are these old ideas? What I the... more

A pregnant black mother was just recently gunned down in her own home after a brazen robbery. The burglars were not the ones who killed Charleena Lyles, they were long gone. Instead racist police took her life in cold blood after she called... more

Throw away everything that doesn't serve you. Just as we were given hammocks, chitlens, and fatback as poisonous post slavery "soul food" we have to break free of toxic social habits that are grounded in oppression. When we were in our... more

The Mandela Effect is turning percieved reality on its head. Last week #2RAW4TV uncovered the #Mandelaeffect Code. How are things we clearly remember disappearing or transforming to something completely alien to our collective... more

It is our memories and experiences that shape the perception of who we are. What if your memories were not real and you never did what you experienced? Crazy? Welcome to our world. The lines in the movies have changed. Whole... more

I love our past leaders. Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Huey P Newton all did great things they did. What these men would want now more then ever is to invoke thier energy for the new leaders. Don't reminancse so much on the magic of Malcolm... more

There are some places so DARK that monsters are even scared to hide there. We all know how information agencies spy on our social media and browsing history but they can't look everywhere. Welcome to the DARK WEB where secret sex... more

Right after last week's #2RAW4TV Black leaders from across the country were inboxed a short shadowy disturbing YouTube clip. The clip shows a discombobulated young Black woman being brutally beat, urinated on then... more

What do you do when mama is hurting? Right now Black women and girls are being targeted, hunted, and attacked by agents of a falling regime. They are being assaulted on all levels mind, body, and soul with no reverence to her divinity. If... more