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two raw four tv

two raw four tv


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...because the revolution will NOT be televised

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Right after last week's #2RAW4TV Black leaders from across the country were inboxed a short shadowy disturbing YouTube clip. The clip shows a discombobulated young Black woman being brutally beat, urinated on then... more

What do you do when mama is hurting? Right now Black women and girls are being targeted, hunted, and attacked by agents of a falling regime. They are being assaulted on all levels mind, body, and soul with no reverence to her divinity. If... more

Emancipated versus Liberated, which one are you? The Emancipated Black person feels having the trinkets of pink society (ie a nice car, house in a wealthy neighborhood, a white husband /wife) is equal to freedom. They feel thier... more

They have done it now. The animosity against America and western society is at an all time high. A nuclear attack is not a question of "if" it is "when". Are Black people safe? What will you do? Where will you go when those bombs go off?... more

This is the most hostile time in the history of the planet. Global elites are losing power and becoming desperate in thier attempts to keep it. They are using every and any tactic to scare the melonated majority into a frenzy. War, disharmony,... more

Our space is always violated in the name of exploitation. Whether it be at a job, at school, or even at home our personal space is hard to find. Your most sacred place is your mind. Without complete control of our mind we are subject to be... more

Magic is happening before your eyes. Democratic dictatorship is on its last injured legs and people are waking up at a faster pace then at any time in history. Or are they? Is your consiousness a fashion statement or a sincere stance? How many... more

Reality can be more dangerous then any fictional movie's potrayal. The news will never mention that a lot of our children, especially teenagers, are coming up missing. Some statistics say 1 out of 6 Black children leave home and no one... more

Finally, Spring is here and America is dead! The old oppressive ways are done as the people wake up to a new light. We are responsible to take charge and raise our banner of unity and declare this season a Black Spring. Next... more

There are 1.71 Billion Facebook users world wide. Many of these people online are tired of their conditions. They post constantly about the corruption of the government, the Rothschilds and other elite bloodlines, and racism. They vent... more