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two raw four tv


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America's favorite past time is violent racism. Whether it be a family picnic by a freshly hung Black man or watching a paid slave take a brain damaging tackle, America is all about it. This time though racism is eating itself and the result.... more

Everyday you are paying someone to shoot you. The chips you just bought, the healthiest whole foods, even your toiletries, paid assassins from the world's largest terrorist organization to kill Mike Brown again, and then your brother, and... more

When the crack epidemic hit the inner city it swept over the conciousness of colored people like a category 6 hurricane. Men sold women, women beat pimps, and teens took jewelry for the new and destructive high. Despite the windfall of... more

How much will it take for you to break? Many Black people have been thrust into the workforce supervised by pink predators. They are living a life they have not chosen only, in hope, of being able to make a "living". They are forced to... more

Hurricane Harvey set record numbers in devastation, water accumulation, and death in Houston, Texas. Hundreds of thousands were forced out of their homes and fought for thier lives as rainwater breeched levies, flooded highways, and... more

Black people have never had #FreedomofSpeech. Even though it was written in the Constitution of the United Snakes, Black people have always had to live and sometimes die by the words they say. Now parasites such as the #altright and... more

At the same time that the image of the brutalized black woman is being force fed to the masses by Faux news and other media, there is also a deliberate and definite attack on the Black masculine principle. What a "man" is has become... more

How many #white friends do you have? The last two terrorist attacks that have happened on American soil were committed by white supremacists perpetuating pink power. One shot a church full of people up the other drove through a... more

We are never alone. There is always someone watching whether it be Apple, NSA, or #Facebook there are recordings of your most private moments somewhere . There are also more benevolent eyes looking on you. They have... more

It's Football season and the slave catchers at the #NFL want Black money and attention. #TurnOffYourTV don't watch one game! The NFL, NBA, and professional sports do not support Black people and they emulate slavery for... more