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Another day, another #pinkterrorist attack on Black people. In #Tennessee a pink #Illinois man traveled down south to shoot up a #Wafflehouse filled with Black people. Hours after this attack two #Mobile #Alabama race soldiers employed by the police sexually assault a Black woman as people film. When will Black people realize they are at war? Globally, America is taunting other countries, potentially provoking a nuclear war. Elites rather blow themselves up then give America back to #woke Black people. In the midst of all this chaos Black people are upset, unfortunately they "have to" clock in to work today. What will it take for Black people to go in another direction? What will it take for them to stop the #pinkterrorism brought to their neighborhood daily? Only something huge can motivate melanated masses and whatever that huge thing is would be a God send for Black people and will be embraced. It's extreme but it's absolutely real. NUCLEAR WAR WOULD BE A BLESSING TO BLACK PEOPLE . Next #2RAW4TV we will have a panel discussion with the most #radical #revolutionary people about this, and also let people know about the #MAJOR events happening soon in #Atlanta, join us 4/26/18 11pm est Call in 5164539174 blogtalkradio.com/tworawfourtv #therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #Revolution #NuclearBomb #Syria #Russia #Wakanda #racewar #WAKEUPCALL #BlackDivinity #BlackSupremacy #ifyouhearmyvoicethenyourepartoftherevolution
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Hidden in dark memories, in a time not so long ago, the truth about the origins of this now crazy country are being revealed. The truth is this country was once many nations, many tribes, many people. Despite the diverse dialects, the... more

We see the world through the lens of the wicked. It seems only the most deviant, heinous, and violent happenings on earth catch our eye and is whispered on our lips. A lot of people feel that becoming #concious means seeing the ugly... more

They lie. Every property for sale isn't real estate. Foreclosed homes were families were forced to leave isn't "free market". Invaders have always been envious of native land. How can you buy land with stolen money? Let's call gentrification... more

We have learned through many experts including #drsebi that not every food we eat is natural. Much of our food has been engineered through time by herbalists, farmers, and agriculturalists to accommodate for the needs of thier region. Our... more

The 4th package bomb sent in March just exploded at the house of a prominent Black family in #Texas, severely injuring a teenager. All of these bombings have targeted suburban and well to do Black people. In all the bombings the white... more

We all looked at the futuristic societies in Sci fi movies and most recently the billion dollar Black hit, #BlackPanther. With the technology that is available the people of Earth can take society to the next level and be a near utopia. The only... more

Recently a black man that worked for the Center of Disease Control and prevention (#CDC) admitted that the flu vaccine people were getting to prevent the virus is actually CAUSING the deadliest strain of the flu. The day after... more

There had been several mass shootings at public schools so far since the beginning of the year. Instead of disarming psychotic pink parents who have been giving these mass shooters weapons there is a #racist initiative to give teachers... more

The movie #BlackPanther has got people all over the world in a frenzy. Some pink terrorist news outlets are even calling it a #BlackSupremacist film. Before the movie there were real superheroes, real #BlackPanthers doing... more

There was a time when the landmass now referred to as #America was great. It was before the chains of slavery, before the civil rights movement, and before savages slew children on Plymouth Rock. There was a time when the... more