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Before his untimely death Dr. Sebi created a regimen of #electric foods that was able to not only to make people healthier but cure high blood pressure, diabetes, and even #AIDS. He was taken to the Supreme Court in an effort to invalidate his claims of healing but instead eye witness testimony, his healthy patients, and even documentation from more mainstream doctors corroborated everything he said he had done. #DrSebi was truly an amazing teacher, healer, and medicine man and everyone that attempts to tell his story to a wider audience ends up mysteriously murdered. Next #2RAW4TV we will engage in the teachings that the pharmaceutical industry does NOT want you to know about and how they can even take you to a higher spiritual realm. Have you eaten? Get this food for your soul, DINNER WITH DR. SEBI: HOW TO ASCEND WITH #ALKALINE ENERGY. Change your diet, change your destiny, and #joinus 4/18/19 11pm est Call in 5164539174 *not t-mobile friendly * blogtalkradio.com/tworawfourtv #therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #Revolution #vegan #vegetarian #veganlife #warriorculture #LongLiveNip #HueyHomes #MakeAtlantaBlackAgain #BlackDivinity #BlackSupremacy #ifyouhearmyvoicethenyourepartoftherevolution #2RAW4TV
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#2NITE Money. At the root of all evil acts you will find #racks of these promissory notes written on whipped cotton. Money. #DrSebi was kinapped by police with literally hundreds of thousands in his hands. He was never seen alive again.... more

There is nothing else to talk about. Your crimes have been exposed: #HumanTrafficking Murder, Theft, Arson, Rape, and evey other conceivable (and inconceivable) smite against humanity you have done, and done them with... more

What does #popularity without power look like? Does it look like #mumblerappers with millions of likes, hearts, and "followers" who incoherently mutter about shooting at "opps" only to rat peacefully to cops? Is it once famous tv icons and... more

Why do Black people collectively love the people that hate them? It is a mental disorder that happens to people that have been traumatized by kidnapping. Stockholm Syndrome is defined as feelings of trust and affection that people... more

#2NITE The conversation about #reperations is changing and becoming a serious one with serious consequences. Black people are not going to entertain any politicians that don't speak the language of #Blackfirst. It's really an important... more

Black people can not be #racist. At least they can not weaponize the systems that use racism like law enforcement, schools, and military against other racial identity groups. Truly, Black people can only usurp pink power viciousness against... more

If you sniff hard enough you can smell the crazy, you can taste it on your tongue. After years of trying to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain elitists have thrown in the towel, saving the land of mayonnaise is much harder then letting it all go to a pink... more

This Thursday, February 21st #2RAW4TV will be broadcasting #LIVE in #Atlanta. It will be interactive, informative, and enlightening! There is #Awakening happening and we will lay out exactly what that means and what #Awake looks... more

Truly, The problem isn't #Gucci or #Prada. These brands have always made it known they are anti-Black, pro pink, and will exploit their own #racism for profits. The problem is insecure Black people willing to pay $1000 for a sweater.... more

When people talk about "curses" there are those that associate that word with witchcraft, goblins, and magic. While, yes, you there can be curses done on a paranormal level, the curses that Black people deal with for the most part come... more