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A time has come where ignorance is just an option. You can know the truth or willingly hide from it. The truth is this land (and am indigenous lands) have always been Black The only way pink people have been able to have the illusion of... more

After the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed in multiple terrorist explosions the government used this incident as an excuse to infringe on the privacy of the people. The " Patriot " Act was created by the current lawmakers... more

Are you eating to live or eating to die? Everybody eats food to sustain themselves. Some people do it with more concern then others, reading labels making sure products are not high in calories or have dangerous ingredients in... more

#Gentrification is an act of war against Black people. These beasts are not swarming Black neighborhoods to befriend and better the community. pink people are moving into Black neighborhoods specifically to displace, disempower,... more

Throughout the time of Black people being held as prisoners of war in the Land of Mayonnaise, they have tried to end the harsh sting of #racism. Not only has racism and #racist behavior still present a great threat to indigenous people in... more

In this society whatever you want can be given to you with the push of a button. When your hungry you can call #Ubereats, when you want to go somewhere you get chauffeured on #Lyft, when your lonely there are a plethora of #dating... more

School. At one time people believed public school was a definite step to go somewhere in life. With the education the state gave your child they could get a good job and live decently. If there was a test to grade how real this fantasy... more

Imagine sitting in your home, in your living room, eating cereal on your favorite spot on the couch. You are reading a book, you are on the last chapter, not knowing you are also close to your last words. Suddenly, you hear a pounding... more

Religion has always served as a tool to create slaves. Across the world it was whipped, tortured, and brutalized into indigenous cultures. For these ancestors there were two choices: 1) Follow the #racist and disempowering doctrine of... more

The Dred Scott decision which said Black people are property made it abundantly clear the Blacks are not beholden to the laws in the Land of Mayonnaise. We are Gods, not property, and everything written that suggest being... more