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We all looked at the futuristic societies in Sci fi movies and most recently the billion dollar Black hit, #BlackPanther. With the technology that is available the people of Earth can take society to the next level and be a near utopia. The only... more

Recently a black man that worked for the Center of Disease Control and prevention (#CDC) admitted that the flu vaccine people were getting to prevent the virus is actually CAUSING the deadliest strain of the flu. The day after... more

There had been several mass shootings at public schools so far since the beginning of the year. Instead of disarming psychotic pink parents who have been giving these mass shooters weapons there is a #racist initiative to give teachers... more

The movie #BlackPanther has got people all over the world in a frenzy. Some pink terrorist news outlets are even calling it a #BlackSupremacist film. Before the movie there were real superheroes, real #BlackPanthers doing... more

There was a time when the landmass now referred to as #America was great. It was before the chains of slavery, before the civil rights movement, and before savages slew children on Plymouth Rock. There was a time when the... more

Recently, in a march purposely promoted as a ruse to unify "all women", a prominent #pinkterrorist advocated that "white women" stop letting Black women "save America ". Truth is that Black women are seizing control of all aspects... more

Before there was anything there was Black Supremacy. From the infinite darkness light was spawn. From the light all sorts of foolishness and fuckery flourished; government shutdowns, sex dolls, troglodyte trolls, and racist cops are all... more

The controversy of the exploited H&M child model who brandished #racist winter wear brings an important question each Black person must ask themselves, Are you for sale? For a million dollar check would you sale your integrity? If you... more

The awakening is #now and while more and more people are jumping on the "#concious " bandwagon a lot more or confused to what being truly #woke is about. Next #2RAW4TV we dissect "conciousness" and give you the blueprint to... more