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My name is Tom Livsey. I am a former stockbroker and investment banker, who re-invented myself. Today, I am a news editor for over a dozen news sites on the web. OurTown Media and Topix News are just two national news sources that report local news to every zip code in America. They are the leaders of hyper-local news. Hyper-local news is the news that is street level. It talks about information that is relevant to your neighborhood, as well as, the zip coe neighborhood across the country. I am the national news editor for both media outlets. So, It seems obvious that my next step in reporting the news in another form of media, would be to own my own talk radio station. Thanks to Blog Radio, I am going to do just that. Now I need your help and support. I want you to sound off about the positive and negative things that make you proud or sad to live where you call home today ! As a new editor and news owner of five online new sites in metro Atlanta, I am going to keep conversations lively. I am here to talk about communities all around the nation, starting with Georgia. I work with business owners create ad/article campaigns and write press releases, too !

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By Twomucht, Topix National News Editor, Welcome to All About Gwinnett. National News Editor, Tom Livsey and Snellville City Hall Councilman, Dave Emanuel, will be the talk show hosts. The talk show is the 'Brain Child of Mr. Emanuel. Each week we cover a different Gwinnett County topic and bring you exclusive insight into business, recreation, politics, arts, entertainment and education. This week, our guest is Snellville's Mayor Pro Tem Tom Witts. But we're not going to be talking about politics. Instead we're going to talk about the well anticipated Snellville Veterans' Memorial, and last night's Memorial Day celebration. Thousands enjoyed this amazing event that included tributes to our nation's veterans, a concert, craft beer tasting and the launch of hundreds of illuminated balloons with tags bearing the name of a veteran attached. Come out and support. The Wall is located in front of Snellville, Georgia's City Hall on Min Street. Welcome to All about Gwinnett Mr. Witts. Just calll 1-646-0811 or this link:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/twomucht/2015/05/24/memorial-day-veteran-wall-celebration-talks-show ###
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Vanessa Henderson --- The Lady of Van Miller House Welcome to the House of Van Miller. The lady of the house is Ms. Vanessa Henderson. Vanessa is one of the top national designers who calls Atlanta, Georgia her home, and... more

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