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My name is Tom Livsey. I am a former stockbroker and investment banker, who re-invented myself. Today, I am a news editor for over a dozen news sites on the web. OurTown Media and Topix News are just two national news sources that report local news to every zip code in America. They are the leaders of hyper-local news. Hyper-local news is the news that is street level. It talks about information that is relevant to your neighborhood, as well as, the zip coe neighborhood across the country. I am the national news editor for both media outlets. So, It seems obvious that my next step in reporting the news in another form of media, would be to own my own talk radio station. Thanks to Blog Radio, I am going to do just that. Now I need your help and support. I want you to sound off about the positive and negative things that make you proud or sad to live where you call home today ! As a new editor and news owner of five online new sites in metro Atlanta, I am going to keep conversations lively. I am here to talk about communities all around the nation, starting with Georgia. I work with business owners create ad/article campaigns and write press releases, too !

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Do you remember where you were? How bright the sun looked...in the sky? Do you remember as a child, it was a week after Labor Day Holiday, and you were trying to get yourself back in school tone. For the teachers, you did the same as... more

Sit back and just lsten to some of the best smooth music on this August Sunday after church. While you pray for my world reknown vocalist cousin, after her heart surgery. God is good. She is recovering peacefully at home today...Amen ! If you... more

Well this is the first week of school. I am sure that the parents, teachers, and students have needed this past week,inorder to get beck into the school year swing of things. Like always I try to bring you all a funny joke or some smooth... more

By Twomucht, Blog Talk Radio National Host, Seldom is it that make me take a second look at some of today's new artist. They are in a nutshell, not vocalists at all. However, I am the first to apologize when I am wrong, and thank God that... more

The Best Merchants Atlanta, Ga. Has To Offer Talk Show ! As the season changes from Spring into Summer, our nomadic urges starts to render its head inside each one of us, normaly in the form of family vacations. Tonight, I will spot... more

Let's face it, times are tough right now. Many of us have seen our jobs either go away entirely or our hours cut back. Some have had the raise we hoped for disappear because our employer cannot afford it this year or they are on the... more

One of the most under acknowledged family topics of the nation, is Child Support , until... The Custodial Support Foundation Our Mission... The Custodial Support Foundation's mission is to provide Custodial Parents with services to receive the... more

Prince of the Promised Land turns 50 talk show tonight ! As a gesture of my appreciation, I want to invite my friends and family to share in my 50th birthday talk show celebration tonight at 9:00 pm eastern. All you have to do is call this... more

You can forget about the Jacksons and the Osmonds, as the top musical families in America, because those two, simply opened..for The Hamptons ! If you want to listen in on a VIP inside scoop, like a fly on the wall, as one of our country's... more

Now is the time to prepare for your high school senior son or daughter's college bound viruses. Its not if, but it is when a virus will penetrate your college freshman' s laptop. The last thing you need six months from now, is to hear... more