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My name is Tom Livsey. I am a former stockbroker and investment banker, who re-invented myself. Today, I am a news editor for over a dozen news sites on the web. OurTown Media and Topix News are just two national news sources that report local news to every zip code in America. They are the leaders of hyper-local news. Hyper-local news is the news that is street level. It talks about information that is relevant to your neighborhood, as well as, the zip coe neighborhood across the country. I am the national news editor for both media outlets. So, It seems obvious that my next step in reporting the news in another form of media, would be to own my own talk radio station. Thanks to Blog Radio, I am going to do just that. Now I need your help and support. I want you to sound off about the positive and negative things that make you proud or sad to live where you call home today ! As a new editor and news owner of five online new sites in metro Atlanta, I am going to keep conversations lively. I am here to talk about communities all around the nation, starting with Georgia. I work with business owners create ad/article campaigns and write press releases, too !

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'Ladies Friday Night Out In for Fred 'V Man" Watson' I want all your requests to hint to my mentor, and Georgia's Top Media man of all times, ..."Mr. Fred V Man Watson", !. He has blazed a musical love, peace, and harmony path. Fred... more

Twomucht celebrates Mother's Day Weekend in song with the help of Georgia's Top New Referral Service...Weather Girls ! Blandie Bell and Tricia Bailey are two of the top five entrepreneurs in the state of Geogia,(Topix NewsAwards... more

Fellows, if you don't know what day it is, then ask your lady friend, before she heads out to the club, with her girl friends.... Its Friday Night Music Request Show. Call your friends and sit back to just listen to the music that made you... more

There is nothing better than spending tome with you lover on a rainy Sunday morning. So because the weather is bad outside today, there's no reason to keep the sex insfe from being hot and shiny. Listen at 9:00 pm tonight !

So what are the songs that used to make you act a fool on the dance floor? Call in tonight and have your girl friends do the same and reminence your college club hopping nights.

As in the popular movie, 'The Wizard of Oz'. One must seek for themselves, the answers of life's truths. Your destiny will never come to your door by UPS. It takes invested interest, for one to discover, the good and bad in the world they live in.... more

Why is Poetry So Important ? Tonight's show is talking to an accomplished poet, and author, Ms. Lauren Bacall Harris. I fortunate enough to grab her for a short show, in order to probe her fabulous mind. If you are a fan of the english... more

I hope and pray that you ladies, who look towards Friday nights , as an emotional release. A needy time when you women call in and request some of the best songs of today, and yesteryear. I apologize, because tonight is of a celebration,... more

As you ping breakrs are making your way back home, make sure to make it back Alive ! You all can do this by making sure that you are not texting while driving, and most importantly, make sure that your friends are not doig the same. Take... more

I know you girls are ready to release the beast of last week. It is time to sit back and unwind with your best national DJ Twomucht. Call your girl friends and request your favorit songs, that used to make you ladies jump on the dance... more