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My name is Tom Livsey. I am a former stockbroker and investment banker, who re-invented myself. Today, I am a news editor for over a dozen news sites on the web. OurTown Media and Topix News are just two national news sources that report local news to every zip code in America. They are the leaders of hyper-local news. Hyper-local news is the news that is street level. It talks about information that is relevant to your neighborhood, as well as, the zip coe neighborhood across the country. I am the national news editor for both media outlets. So, It seems obvious that my next step in reporting the news in another form of media, would be to own my own talk radio station. Thanks to Blog Radio, I am going to do just that. Now I need your help and support. I want you to sound off about the positive and negative things that make you proud or sad to live where you call home today ! As a new editor and news owner of five online new sites in metro Atlanta, I am going to keep conversations lively. I am here to talk about communities all around the nation, starting with Georgia. I work with business owners create ad/article campaigns and write press releases, too !

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The Doctor of Computers is in. So please take a listen if you have children from K to college bound siblings. Understandbly the young wants the best and lastest techno. However call in to listen to The Computer Doctor explain the right... more

Circle The Wagons For Dana Whitworth Go Fund Me By Tom Livsey, OurTown Nation News Editor, For years she has has helped thousands to the shores of success from her empire as The Queen of Dri Wash, a multi-million dollar... more

(CNN)Eighteen million Americans live in communities where the water systems are in violation of the law. Moreover, the federal agency in charge of making sure those systems are safe not only knows the issues exist, but it's done very little... more

Karma - Its Coming to Snellville, Georgia By Tricia Bailey, OurTown National News Editor, What goes around; Comes around-So they say? You must experience this energizing stage play for yourself. The stage play "Karma" is... more

You must listen to one of the nation free spirits.

Mrs. Ronda Colvin Leary has an abundance of experience in the field of Law. Over 15 years, to be exact. She is an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney. She is an experienced Prosecutor. Her abilities includes being n... more

What I mean is that by supporting your local arts in your community, and bringing together thousands of butterflies, they could create energy like a tornado of energy. Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Mitchell and Ms. Cole will talk about the creativity of... more

As we try to wrap our minds around the loss of another musician this paste we , I offer the opportunity to make your own music and become your own Michael Jackson and Prince

Its not everyday that I meet a 'Real Man' , on the street, who I feel so connected. He wants Peace, Safety, but he also strives to prvide opportunity, and become a voice in his neighborhood, who needs a voice and a media platform...... more