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My name is Tom Livsey. I am a former stockbroker and investment banker, who re-invented myself. Today, I am a news editor for over a dozen news sites on the web. OurTown Media and Topix News are just two national news sources that report local news to every zip code in America. They are the leaders of hyper-local news. Hyper-local news is the news that is street level. It talks about information that is relevant to your neighborhood, as well as, the zip coe neighborhood across the country. I am the national news editor for both media outlets. So, It seems obvious that my next step in reporting the news in another form of media, would be to own my own talk radio station. Thanks to Blog Radio, I am going to do just that. Now I need your help and support. I want you to sound off about the positive and negative things that make you proud or sad to live where you call home today ! As a new editor and news owner of five online new sites in metro Atlanta, I am going to keep conversations lively. I am here to talk about communities all around the nation, starting with Georgia. I work with business owners create ad/article campaigns and write press releases, too !

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The first day of December reminds billions of lonely people around the world, that we only 24 days to Christmas. During the next 24 days, timing and distance can play a huge role in a lonely sole without their family, lover and friends. Even... more

Dorethia Austin Livsey Turns 80 Talk Show! Heck yes, I am a Mama's boy. She and my dad, Thomas Livsey has been Super Heroes, not just to our family, but to the whole county of Gwinnett, in Georgia. As an attept to show her my love... more

The National Retail Cooperation (NRF) gages signify Halloween spending including sweet, groups, and beautifications to come in at $7.4 billion this year. Halloween sweet alone has keep running up a $2 billion tab every Halloween as... more

How to survive your life in these times of changes your way-Ann Dunivan celebrate 100 years of smiles By Tricia Bailey, OurTown National News Editor, For most, life is a mystery one tries to solve every day. For only a few, life is... more

I was born on the Fourth of July, Tevin Wolf Huffman. My life, like everyone else's is one of trial before victory, of defeat and success, a dream and passion, yet unchased. When I was a young boy at the age of 5, I had a family, a mom, dad,... more

Sad but true, most adults can not remember their childhood moments, like their birthday parties. By the time they are 30 years old, most of us can not even remember our first ride on 'The Yellow Bus'. Time and troublehas a way to take... more

Listen to Annette Davis Jackson discuss her vision of Dekalb and Gwinnett County with Dave Emanuel. He is the top five community leaders, and Snellville City Councilman! He will ask the proper questions about a women who is ready... more

Five years after 42-year-old Lai Likun began his global cycling tour in 2009 with less than 20 euros ($22.80) in his pocket and his ever-present green jacket he took on a partner. Zhang Hui, a university student in Beijing, persuaded Lai to... more

Black Dollars Matter – Teach your dollars how to make more sense From the started release date in May 2015, the book has been a hit. The hard copy and Kindle e-book, the latest offering from the nation's most prolific writer... more