Two Moms on a Borough

Two Mom's on a Borough


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join Carol and Rene' as they share how the crooks use databases to steal our identities, our land, homes and lives. Now with WTRU radio where the TRUTH is what we share!

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CAROL AND RENE WELCOME SISTER PATRIOTS TO THE SHOW! Join Carol and Rene' as they welcome Bethany Clem, Raja Dee, Kelli Gordon, Sharon Derrington, April/No Te Hagas and other Sister Patriots Meet the women who call themselves sister Patriots that have the back of all Patriots across the nation. These women work tirelessly behind the scenes, gathering supplies, driving supplies to those in need, meeting with public servants, networking groups together and giving each other a shoulder when one is needed. We work hard and hardly sleep, but each day we pray to God for We The People to win this war against Tyranny! Hear the laughter, tears, the fears and the joys these women have to share. Give your support to the women as without these ladies many things would never get done. We love our Militia, our Patriot groups and most of all WE LOVE AMERICA! God Bless America and God Bless each and every Patriot! Our Sponsor: VIRUGARD/STOP VIRAL ILLNESS (EBOLA is VIRAL) /SHOW SPECIAL $40: reg $50/PROMO CODE: Two Moms /CALL: 714-331-8587 to order now
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The original Whistleblower will share his vast knowledge of the Land and Real Estate Fraud that is plaguing our once great nation. Judson is from Lake George New York and attended Houston Community College. Judson has authored... more

CAROL AND RENE WELCOME BOB BARNET AND TERRY TRUSSELL OF: "THE REPUBLIC FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA": What the Republic for the United States of America is and what it stands for: It is the only lawful... more

Private Attorney General Anthony Williams has been perfecting law since 2002. He has an unorthodox approach to law and champions the rights of the poor and the American people. His dedication to justice and he is one of the best... more

Join Rene' and Carol and very special guest Peter from as he in Love shares his knowledge, expertise, and wisdom concerning integrating your mind, body, and spirit to become ready for the trip into this most high vibrational... more

CAROL AND RENE WELCOME CHARLES KACPROWICZ AND KELLI GORDON TO THE SHOW. As Founder and National Director of Citizen Initiatives, Charles & his Directors work to advance Article V "Single Issue" Amendment... more


Join Rene' and Carol and their special guest True Freeman. True speaks of issues surrounding the courts INJUSTICE system. True tells about his aha moment when he realized that the courts were just a collection agency and it... more

Join Rene' and Carol with special guest Mr. John Wade Frisbey who will speak on the topic of DUE DILIGENCE. Have you ever procrastinated or simply did not complete necessary tasks in your everyday life. Why? Mr. John Wade Frisbey... more

Join Rene' and Carol with special guest Edward Johnston,(a political activist from Toledo0 Edward Johnstone spent time in Oregon senate and house defending our rights protected under the Constitution. Edward has vast knowledge of... more

CAROL AND RENE WELCOME SOUTHERN COMMAND and SHE WOLF BACK FOR SHOW NUMBER 6 OF THIS SERIES. We have talked about the effects of the systemic corruption in the Family Court, Judiciaries, Mortgage fraud and... more