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This is Twogether For Ever Radio Show where our focus is Marriage and Relationship. Our aim is to share sound biblical principles about knowing the right marriage partner, getting married and being successful in marriage. Marriage does not have to be dull and boring. Marriage is very exciting. Married couples can make it together for ever.

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A lot has been said about divorce and remarriage. As we know, there is a very high incidence of divorce in our society. There is also a high incidence of second and third marriages in our society as well. The question is, What does the Master Plan say about remarriage? Is it biblically sound to remarry and if so under what conditions? Our guests today to discuss this very important topic are Pastor and Mrs. Tolu Areola. Pastor Tolu and his dear wife are associate pastors serving the Lord under Dominion International Center in Houston Teaxas. They have been marriaed for 12 years and are blessed with two children.
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November is the month of Thanksgiving in North America and Canada and also Twogether For Ever. We are kicking the month off with the topic "A Thankful Heart" Join us as we explore the heart of thanksgiving on Monday November... more

Why should couples go on a regular date nights instead of staying and eating at home? How often should couples schedule date nights? Who decides and plans where to go and how much to spend, husband or wife? What about couples... more

Today we are taking a little twist on our program, and bringing you "What Do You Do When Together For Ever Ends?" Our Guest is Carolyn Moor. Carolyn is a mom, community advocate, mentor, author and interior designer. In 2011, she... more

Her story reads like the Story of the biblical Job. Our guest, Dr. Allison Wiley, the Ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC) had it all, a handsome husband that loved the world of her, two... more

Our guests today are Nikki Houston- Azeez and Ayo Azeez, the founders of Foreign wives of Nigerian Men. Foreign Wives of Nigerian men is an organization that helps foreign women who are in a relationship with Nigerian men. The... more

Our guest to discuss our topic today is Nikki Houston-Azeez. Nikki and her husband Ayo are the founders of a unique organization called Forien Wives Of Nigerian Men. Foreign Wives of Nigerian Men is aimed at helping wives and... more

Have you wondered why the very thing that attracted you to your spouse before marriage irritate you now that you live together? For instance, an introvert marries an extrovert but can't stand it when she does what extroverts do. Our... more

Brother William Williams has lived it all. Adopted at the age of two, became ward of the state of Texas at 8 years and lived in 5 different foster homes by age 15; stayed in the home for run away children. Met his mother for the first time at 16... more

Our Guest is Pastor David Massey Sr. Pastor David Massey Sr. is a husband and a father. He has done service work for years at Cook County jail starting from 1996. Pastor Massey Sr. has also done service work for H R D I and... more

Line up of our guests..... Mr. Patrick Patterson of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse is an Office of Family Assistance (OFA) Federally funded national resource... more
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