Two Fags and a Hag

Two Fags and a Hag


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Two gay men and the straight woman who loves them invite fellow fags and hags (or anyone with a sense of humor) to join them for laughs -- often the grossly inappropriate variety -- every Friday at 10 am Eastern. Come join our party!

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Not surprisingly, we like our bowls Big and Fruity. And – since they come with men in tight pants – Super. Welcome to FruitBowl 2012, where the fags and hag will discuss the impending Big Game and more importantly:... more

Join us as we celebrate our first foray into the world of video. We've been talking about it for ages, but we finally did it. Holla! What other topics are on tap nobody knows. We might discuss how we each take our coffee, or we may talk about... more

Round and round we go. What we'll talk about nobody knows. Not even us! So grab your happy juice, cop a squat, and join the blabfest!

Our first Friday the 13th show! Or should we say FriGAY the 13th? Grab your cup of happy juice and whatever good luck charms you think you'll need and join us for another edition of our faghagulous chat fest!

After all the excitement and hoopla leading up to the end-of-year festivities, we've shot our holiday wad. The holidays are over, and it's time to start purging from the big binge. Grab a big, hot, steaming cup of java, put on your darkest pair of... more

Another year has come and gone in the blink of an eye. That means we've completed our first full year of blabbing on the air. And there's no sign that we'll be shutting up anytime soon. Grab a glass of sparkling happy juice and... more

Last year's holiday show was a no-go due to a technical glitch. Let's see if we have better luck this time around. Join us for some holiday merriment as we spike the eggnog and chew jingle-bell fat.

The Hag is away on a romantic weekend to celebrate her anniversary, leaving the two Fags behind to do as they may! It'll be a free-form Friday jamboree! Tune in to see what witty banter and inappropriate chit-chat is on tap!

Is it rude to tell someone they stink when in fact THEY STINK? Or is it best to just keep your mouth shut---and hold your nose? Let's face it, we all have occasional challenges with body odor, whether it's mildly smelly armpits to... more

Java. Joe. Mud. Brew. Happy juice. We don't care what you call it, we just love it. Coffee, that is. And we will sing it's praises and ponder a nightmarish world without it, among other nonsense, on this week's show. Join us for our first ever... more