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Two Old Sales Guys and Diva

Two Old Sales Guys and the Sales Diva


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115 combined years of sales and business experience. “We’re Not Dead Yet!” Discussions and interviews to celebrate the sales profession and those professionals who create value for their clients. Next series of shows will explore the rapidly expanding trend for sales professionals who are learning and applying basic coaching skills to create value for clients and improve sales performance. Tune in and listen to the archived shows to learn more about the Hosts and their experience in sales, sales management, executive sales, advisory, coaching and mentoring. We keep on learning and love to laugh through it all.

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Are you ready to become a master sales professional? Many salespeople just keeping doing sales like someone who "paints by the numbers" and thinks they produce a nice work of art. A master sales professional knows they have to... more

Andre' Harrell with The Sales Professional Network BlogTalk Radio Show joins us two old sales guys and sales diva to discuss why sales is a noble profession and what sales professionals have to do to survive and thrive. Technology is... more

You're on the field and the game is changing rapidly. What do you have to adapt in your Playbook? Do you even have a Playbook? Tune in as we explore The Three Things You Must Know About Your Playbook with Cindy Goldsberry, our... more

How connected are you to your clients and prospects? Do they know how you are strategically important to them and their success? How do you choose which of your customers and prospects are the ideal client for you? What systems... more

The 5th show in the series of five shows on the ZFactor methodology. From the Basics to Value Creator - Your Pathway to Success. Please check out the previous four shows and join us for number five. It will all come together as we... more

What is a Value Creator? How does one become a Value Creator? Those are the two questions most people have when they look at the ZFactor Sales Framework or ZMap, as we call it. This is the fourth show in a series of five shows as... more

From Sales Basics to Personal Sales Systems to Sales Mastery - the success journey of all top producers. How do you know you have achieved Sales Mastery? What does it take to move all the ZFactor? When do you really know you have... more

Is sales an art or a science? It is both...and successful sales professionals are continually learning how to think, act and sell differently because they have developed a personal sales system. Second in the "Meet the Buyer Where They... more

Tired of not knowing where you stand with the buyer? Tired of leaving a meeting, reading an email or getting off the phone and hoping you somehow moved the sale to the next opportunity. Buyers today need to know the value you and... more

The Sales Diva, Cindy Goldsberry, has launched her new book: ZFactor Sales Accelerator V2V: From Vendor to Value Creator. About the Book This is not a ?How I did it…so you can too? book. In fact – it is not a ‘how... more
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