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If you wish to know how to prove your love for God, this chapter is for you.
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Ever wonder why your man-made church is losing its people, this episode will tell you why.

Zeus and Thor no more for the Greek, learn what we mean.

Paul explains to us the 2 strike rule when it comes to dealing with those who oppose and refuse to hear. Learn about it by joining us to discuss.

This chapter confirms what this world really is and how we can survive living in it.

So many have a certain idea what an "elder" in the church is but few know what is truly required to be one. Now we know the truth.

There is only one chapter in this book and it is a simple letter from Paul but the lesson that we take from it is quite huge in scope and meaning. Join us to learn what that meaning is.

The voyage of Paul's trip to Rome leaves us with a message from the Holy Spirit through Isaiah the Prophet. Does this saying apply to you?

Paul speaks to Agrippa

Paul appears before Festus

Paul appears before Felix
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