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The beginning of the Book of Mark and the lessons Jesus left for us to learn.
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Here the chapter addresses masters but we will refer to them as parents, bosses and anyone placed in charge of others.

In this episode "Living a New Life" we examine what this may be and how we can obtain it. We are allowed to expand our vision of life after the second coming of Jesus and how things may be when we shed these earthly forms and join with... more

In this episode, we discuss freedom from past rules of religion and how it affects us and our decisions today. Change comes to all those who embrace it but so many of us fear change and refuse to allow it to take hold. There are... more

This episode continues to push the idea that it is not how much money you donate or how many awards you receive. Living to honor God in done best in silence so that the treasures you store by living for him are not presented here... more

This episode continues on with Paul trying to help us get better at presenting God's word. Here we talk about being considerate and never selfish. Even though this is one of our most rigorous task, we can overcome our selfishness. Let us... more

No earthly action besides worshipping the spirit of God is needed to be saved.

You have to be humble and accept the spirit of God as the only solace you need dispite what others may say.

Here we find out who our real enemies are and they are not whom you might expect.

When Satan begins to play his games, you can beat him and stay strong by the lessons learned here.

When it comes to tithing, its not the amount you give, its how you live.
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