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Chapter 5 again addresses the issue of the new bodies that God himself has created for us.
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This chapter covers and provides Paul's directions on marriage.

Avoiding lawsuits with Christians. This chapter may help us learn how to settle our differences without all that drama.

Condeming spiritual pride, the kibd that appears to place one above or superior to another. Does this sounds like anyone you may know?

This episode we examine Paul's relationship with God to not copy him but to get an idea how to build our relationship with God.

Many choose this route for a good reason but are often mislead once they begin that journey. Thinking that we are keeping people safe by keeping ourselves seperate may sound good but in reality, is a myth. The best thing we can do is... more

Paul demonstrates, through his writings and actions, how we all should be proper servants of Christ. Will we heed or ignore?

This one along with solitude are those issues which seems to have no end. It is believed to be a good thing but it has a very dark side. This dark side is often underestimated adn therefore claim many victims. Don't be the next one, join us... more

Paul shares his message of wisdom and with it we can gleem and construct what our wisdom shall be.

What seemed like a kids game when you were young is no longer a kid condition. This does not end after the director or the older kid yells cut or you parents yell it's time to ome in. This is the beginning to a long and dark road and if you... more

The beginning of the letter written by Paul to the church where he shares instructions to those who follow him and all other Christians,
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