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Twist of Faith

A Twist of Faith


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A combination of Sunday School and Bible Study where we learn that there is no true right or wrong way to serve God. Teaching that it is more about the way you live and the example you set than anything else.

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You cannot teach others how to properly serve and love the Lord; you can show them how you do it by your actions each and every day. You cannot control nor demand obedience toward what you set as policy for anything relating to God because that authority has never and shall never be granted to any mortal. The God I know loves, cares and is compassionate, who does not and never have hated so to teach hatred is contrary to the claiming of the title Christian. Now having said that let me say this.
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So much is made of how any particular race is viewed by a society and many times that society is often overshadowed by hos that particular race views itself. Highly educated and very intelligent people who are of those races may often... more

Leave it to the media to title an article but never present the other side of the coin. What's the other side of the coin you ask? Just how much is enough for the price of a human liver and just how many people must die before the cost and... more

Listen carefully to those who are supposed to know and you will hear heated debates and arguments which is based solely on the Old Testament and to attempt to correct them or re-direct their thinking may often times in up in a... more

It is often the case, the older you get the more you become aware of your mortality and seeing this focus normally turns to where your journey will end at the conclusion of your earthly life. It is often the case that during this time you may... more

You hear so many claim that we are losing our way because of gay marriage, immigration and so many other despicable factors but truth be told we are losing our way because we have strayed far afield of the very lessons we learned as... more

What do you say to people who constantly blame others for the choices that they make? What do you call someone who never seems to be willing to take responsibility for anything that they do? What do you call someone who truly... more

For years Revelations has been used as the hallmark of events which brings about the end of the world and things that we should be looking for as to when that time will come. The only problem with this is no one knows the hour or the... more

Many believe that to be God's perfect warrior, you have to not be afraid to speak his name each and every day and every minutes of that day. I would say that they are wrong. Speaking God's name is not a perfect warrior; it is someone who... more

If anyone still wonders, is still confused or even still care about why the Klan still has power, the Holocaust still bears us pain, the Trial of Tears still rings in the ears of Native Americans and slavery still has not been reconciled by a nation,... more

In order to truly understand my purpose in penning this article is to first understand my definition of what a false prophet and a false person is. A false prophet is one who claims to be all about religion and the lessons of the New... more
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