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Over 14 million children living in poverty, we can do better. Over 90 million people struggling to make ends meet, we can do better. Want to help, email me @ The time for talk is over, it's time to put up or shut up.

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Wanna know what Jesus meant by inner purity, join us to find out.
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This chapter clearly explains why God prefers us to turn the other cheek and allow forgiveness to be our way instead of vengenance.

Call in show talking about issues and problems specifically to vets but affects all of us.

Paul shows a completely different definition of a false prophet than even I knew in this chapter.

Beginning August 11, 2014, A Twist of Faith will host a live call-in radio show designed to address any and all veteran issues. These conversations will not only be for you but about you. We will do more than just talk about them, we will fix... more

You have heard the saying "Holy Wars" now it's time you learn just how truly holy they are.

It's time to clear up this misconception that we have about giving and charity. It appears that we are still beliving that it means money but we could never be so wrong and so removed from the truth

When it comes to giving, nothing clears the cobwebs and corrects the word like this chapter.

Many ask why God allows so much pain to befall his children, this chapter takes it to another level in answering that question.

If you wish to know how to prove your love for God, this chapter is for you.

Chapter 5 again addresses the issue of the new bodies that God himself has created for us.
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