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A combination of Sunday School and Bible Study where we learn that there is no true right or wrong way to serve God. Teaching that it is more about the way you live and the example you set than anything else.

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Many parents are under the impression that buying your child name brand items and everything he or she wants is the ideal measure of good parenting. They think that just by giving them all that they desire, it will prevent them from desiring anything that the parent cannot afford. The only problem with this is they are wrong and have been for so long, I'm embarrassed that it has taken so long for many of us to realize it. If you buy your child only name brand items and everything he or she wants, you are setting them up to keep that mindset as they age and because of that, they now will do whatever they need to in order to obtain that desire. People often wonder why children shoplift especially when they are quite affluent or have the money in their pockets. Children shoplift because they want it now and the effort to walk up to the counter and pay for it is just too much for them. You ask why children who are poor shoplift, simply because their parents have filled them with so much hate and contempt that they think they deserve it for all the other times that they had to go without or watch other kids receive them.
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As anyone else, besides me, ask the question why Christians say why me when things are not going their way or are quick to attribute other things happening in the world to him. Why Christians always say that bad things happen... more

You ask God for a blessing; complain when he seems not to deliver but when he does look at how we act. This is demonstrated by the story about a father and son conversation, how we can assume something only to realize that our... more

I am sure by now; many of you have heard the story involving Charles Barkley, the Hall of Fame Basketball Player from the Philadelphia 76s and the Phoenix Suns. In the article titled ?Unintelligent' blacks 'brainwashed' to choose... more

This is a question I had contemplated before but dismissed later thinking that it was a sin to even thinks about it. It was not until I had a Facebook conversation with a friend of mine, well I hope I can call him a friend because I never... more

A most interesting topic was being discussed on Facebook. It involved the thoughts of one brilliant person who wondered why it wasn't okay for anyone to love and marry the person that they want. It was countered by another brilliant... more

For years we have been under a false impression, that the choices that we make as individuals only affect the decision maker or maybe those close to them but we are wrong. Every decision we make will affect another person whether it is our... more

Throughout the years since the creation of this nation, America has learned by trial and error. It is something that many of us today without even thinking about it and unless we begin to make changes to this, we shall continue to learn... more

You say that you live in a free and just society but you lie. This society is not free and it is definitely not just unless you count the numerous times when the rules favored you or an event happened to satisfy your need. If you count those times... more

A couple of things here that I would like to discuss. The first being our fixation with developing a definition and refusing to modify or amend that definition even if presented with a decent reason to do so. Our love for opposition, controversy... more

When it comes to the Resurrection, people want other to believe that they know the signs but they are wrong and what they think are the miracles may not be what they think.
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