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Minority and Veteran founded and hosted, Christian Radio Show that specifically deals with the individual interpretations of God's word from a spiritual and realistic viewpoint. It's a combination of Sunday School and Bible Study on the web. Attempting to expand your knowledge and understanding of the Bible by asking the questions and changing the way you think of the gospel. Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed and no one's voice is silenced. What you have to say is important and must be shared, fear not.

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These episodes are designed and targeted toward veterans, their families and others who suffer from PTSD but has yet to find solace in the services that they are currently enrolled. These conversations will be guided by a fellow... more
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This book is the follow-up to 1st Timothy and now covers faithfulness, how to be a good soldier and the dangers of the last days. We will look into the encouragement to be faithful in this episode.

This final chapter of the book of 1st Timothy ends with more about false teachings and defines true riches. What true riches are you concentrating on?

This episode talks about widows, elders and slaves which can be translated into widows, elders and employees or children. It talks about manners or the lack there of. We need to get back to those manners because they offereed us... more

This episodes continues to warn about false teachings and reviews the lessons from chapter 1 but takes us further into being able to distingush between good and bad teachers.

This episode talks about the true leaders in the church and they might not be those we currently pay reverence to. What if your true leader is that little child that comes with their parents and says nothing.

This episode is about instructions on worshipping. How to and how not to. Who's right and who's wrong. How you worship according to the Bible and not your neighbor. Which style should you choose and which one will aid you in getting... more

Warnings against false teachings

This episode we discuss children and parents, each role and responsibilities.

Here we discuss what living in the light really means and who may not be doing it right.

In this episode we talk about the unity in the body, how all of us have a particular job that only we can do to make the body work together as a whole.
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