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A combination of Sunday School and Bible Study where we learn that there is no true right or wrong way to serve God. Teaching that it is more about the way you live and the example you set than anything else.

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You say that you live in a free and just society but you lie. This society is not free and it is definitely not just unless you count the numerous times when the rules favored you or an event happened to satisfy your need. If you count those times then perhaps you may have a point
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A couple of things here that I would like to discuss. The first being our fixation with developing a definition and refusing to modify or amend that definition even if presented with a decent reason to do so. Our love for opposition, controversy... more

When it comes to the Resurrection, people want other to believe that they know the signs but they are wrong and what they think are the miracles may not be what they think.

For years no one has ever explained why the Pharases and relgious teachers sold Jesus out but this chapter does.

This chapter tells about how Judias betrayed him, Peter denied him and finally the truth of why those religious leaders and teachers betrayed Jesus is revealed.

People have this thing of fearing the return of the Son of Man but I say that if you are living your life as close to what you think is expected of you, you really do not have much to worry about.

This chapter is about the evil farmers who refused to pay the real owner of the land what they owned him and killed all those he sent to collect. Image that the real owner is God and the evil farmers are us

This chapter provides us with an incite that all Temples/Churches were supposed to be a place of nations but instead we have seperated them and in it we find that faith can move mountains, mountains of disbelief.

Marriage is a man-made thing and most of the writings in the Bible were made as a cocession says Jesus. The real message in this chapter can be found in verse 29 when speaking of the giving up of earthly possession even a husband or wife.

Did you know that there were more than one kind of evil? Join us to learn more.

Struggling to make ends meet is not true suffering and if you wish to know what true suffering is tune in.
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