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Chapter 5 again addresses the issue of the new bodies that God himself has created for us.
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Here we learn what the phrase "treasure in fragile jars mean.

Here we learn more about the glory of the new covenant.

This chapter tells us about forginess for the sinner which is often us.

This chapter introduces us to God offers comfort to all.

This chapter gives the church instructions on how to collect and gather the donations for Jerusalem. The operatong principal in this chapter is "do everything with love."

We will learn what "speaking in tongues really mean, what prophecizing really is and more on the resurrection of Christ. It's a story that we have heard many times but what if this one teaches you something new?

This chapter discusses what love is the greatest and I do not think many of us have to guess which one that Paul is talking about.

In this chapter Paul attempts to educate us on how to worship in public.

Here we learn a lesson from the idolatry of teh old Israel. Wonder how many actually did learn anything?

Paul sacrifices his rights for his faith and shows us how easily it can be done and why.
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