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A combination of Sunday School and Bible Study where we learn that there is no true right or wrong way to serve God. Teaching that it is more about the way you live and the example you set than anything else.

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There are many driving forces that feeds our lack of understanding and because of that, many of us just give up totally on trying to even come close to figuring out what the other person means. We can't seem to get it and because we don't get it, we don't get them. Not getting them means you have to rank them somewhere so human beings ?catch-all? column for anything or anyone they do not understand is the ignore list. So why do we do this and how valuable is this list? We do this because when we talk about values we lie because there are only really two values and no one human being is equipped with both so basically each of us that wear this meat suit will either possess and display one value or another. The two values are being right and doing right. Now for many of you, your first thought is that you can have both and there we must agree to disagree. There is a very huge but single difference between being right and doing right. You have to have one in order to do the other which may explain why so many people think they are one and the same or that a single individual can possess both. We will go into more detail about the two values later but right now I think it is important that I explain what I mean when I say, you have to have one before you can demonstrate the other.
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