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Ron Manns

A Twist of Faith


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A combination of Sunday School and Bible Study where we learn that there is no true right or wrong way to serve God. Teaching that it is more about the way you live and the example you set than anything else.

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. What was still not known or just not taught was that in order to be able to perform the third you truly needed to master the first one. Only recently have it become known that refusing to cry is not a true mark of a man because any male who call themselves a man should never be afraid to show all of his emotions and be vulnerable especially with that one person whom he truly believes actually get him. In other words, be all of who you are in any relationship and if you have that one true soul mate, it will blossom into a love those songs are written about and every person dream of.

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These are but a few contributions that American Indians has contributed to this nation and there are so many more as well as great heroes and legends that have shaped the way we live today. Why are these not mentioned in our history... more

Now I understand your position that believes if our military is seen as so strong that no other country would dare to mess with us, let me ask you to try and understand this. All that is bull and we all know it. You see, there will always be... more

Many are willing to say that the Quran teaches Muslims to hate others but in saying so are we not now teaching other Christians how to hate Muslims? What if it is discovered that the Quran is nothing more than another version of... more

Many times anger directed toward us is really not about us and more about a deeper unsettling of the person expressing that anger. Suppose you have finally gotten your fill of someone seemingly to be taking advantage of you. You... more

The definition of a mistake is an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong while the definition of a miscalculation is an error or misjudgment. Both sounds quite similar but when spoken the word mistake sounds much more harsh... more

History is then repeated and lessons that were supposedly learned from the last time is quickly casted to the wayside because they no longer fit into whatever design those who disagree need to bolster their positions. The only true need to... more

This thought re-occurred to me after I heard a friends of mine say something like this ?God ain't going to let the devil get no victory?. What occurred to me was how we tend to rely solely upon God to defeat and rid our world of evil and... more

Stumbled upon this article titled ?Boy, 8, faces murder charge in beating death of Alabama toddler as child's mother partied at nightclub: authorities? written by Nicole Hensley for the New York Daily News and was mystified to find that more... more

It took a matter of ten minutes to turn my failing daughter in math, spelling and reading into someone who now cannot only do the math assigned but has advanced to geometry. She now craves reading and was recently excited about... more

Much of what is written here is also much of what goes on in several other organizations from teachers, professors to lawyers, judges, doctors and politicians. In the haste to not make any organization look bad or feel sorry for... more
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