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Twist of Faith

A Twist of Faith


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A combination of Sunday School and Bible Study where we learn that there is no true right or wrong way to serve God. Teaching that it is more about the way you live and the example you set than anything else.

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Now make no mistake, this does not place me at odds with anyone who thinks differently than I nor does it make Bill Maher and others my enemy. What is does do is allow me an opportunity to present my case either in their presence or not as to why there is a God and why we all should stop pretending and start being honest with ourselves.
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We call it a legacy or something that we can look back upon in our golden years to show that the many days we existed here upon this earth was indeed fruitful and not a waste. We tell ourselves this in order to feel better about the times... more

These definitions should clearly show why there is so much hatred in this world and how we have been lead to believe that this hatred is justified. These definitions tells us that it is okay, fair and just to look upon anyone who... more

The definition says to win, overcome or beat but unless the person, place or thing that you win a victory over, overcome or beat feeling like they or it has lost, your defeat of it is only in your mind and not seen by anyone else or witnessed by... more

While they may have a point that proper identification may have saved the off-duty officer and his son but we all must admit that it is hard to talk when you have a night stick stuck up your butt or speak clearly while being beaten profusely... more

As God stood upon on high, looking over all that he had created, he had a burning desire to do more so he embarked upon a journey to create heaven and earth in the form of not just one planet but billions. Upon these billions of... more

Think about this for a second, if you are in charge of a group of fighting men/women and you are under the impression that your opposition has fewer bodies than you do, would you not then contend that you will be the winner of... more

You cannot teach others how to properly serve and love the Lord; you can show them how you do it by your actions each and every day. You cannot control nor demand obedience toward what you set as policy for anything relating to God... more

When we talk about regret, it is often related to making a mistake or what we perceive as a mistake. It is never taking into account that without that mistake, we may have never changed our ways or re-directed ourselves to the person... more

The regular person thinks that only others have the power and authority to rid themselves of evil yet they perform this same miracle each and every day not only on themselves but so many others. The evidence clearly exist and it... more

For years now, people have just quietly accepted the excuse that the reason we do and act like we do is the desire to fit in. We have accepted this excuse and therefore opened our people up to not paying any attention to the life lessons... more
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