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Ron Manns

A Twist of Faith


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A combination of Sunday School and Bible Study where we learn that there is no true right or wrong way to serve God. Teaching that it is more about the way you live and the example you set than anything else.

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Are we to believe what we are being told or what we read? The Bible tells us who we are but we appear to ignore this and cling to what society/man has decided to define as as. At one point or another, we are going to have to wake up and... more

First thing we need to do is get a better understanding of this excuse. We have some ideas about how it began but we tire of getting to the bottom of it and often times just accept what was presented on the surface. There is an unknown... more

Leave it to humans to take a simple symptom and blow it so far out of purposition that we then have to create ecuses and lies to cover up mistakes we made but do not wish to own. Now comes anoter lie to cover up the first one and this time... more

Every thing has a cycle even violence and to understand it is to place yourself in a much better position to fight it. We spend days and days discussing it and hours and hours trying one thing in several different ways but what we often lose... more

Many believe that when you die an earthly death, it is the end but if you only knew that an end here on earth is just the beginning to a journey of everlasting peace or a return to the land of pain and suffering. Jesus remarked, Let the dead bury... more

Mental illness is as common as the cold and the only requirement for it to attach itself is that you must be human, now since many are not able to arghue that they are not human then one must also be willing to accept that they, to may be... more

In the biblical days they were called "harlots", in the wild west "saloon girls" and in the Al Capone, Elliot Ness era they graduated to the name of "prostitutes". In those times they were looked down upon and later were even placed in... more

In the 40s, 50s and 60s, pregnant teens were banished from schools and shunned by parents, now they appear to be role models and our biggest issues about it is how much help these mothers get. We are becoming so concerned with... more

When we hear about a school shooting we often think about the shooter, the school and of course the gun but what if our focus is on the wrong things. Could it be that our lack of focus on the right thngs are what causing the ecalation in... more

Many talk about Revelations as the guide to the end of the world but what if it is simply just like all the other books in the Bible which is either letters or a simple recording of past events. The Bible says that no man knows the hour or day of... more
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