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Minority and Veteran founded and hosted, Christian Radio Show that specifically deals with the individual interpretations of God's word from a spiritual and realistic viewpoint. It's a combination of Sunday School and Bible Study on the web. Attempting to expand your knowledge and understanding of the Bible by asking the questions and changing the way you think of the gospel. Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed and no one's voice is silenced. What you have to say is important and must be shared, fear not.

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We spoke about what PTSD is, how to cope with it and whose fault it is. Now we discuss the effect of this disorder. We discover some very interesting and not-widely expressed possible link between PTSD and a violent society.
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This episode we gain an understanding of the call to spiritual growth and what exactly does that mean. We learn that this growth is far different and much better than any other. Are you growing in spirit?

These episodes are designed and targeted toward veterans, their families and others who suffer from PTSD but has yet to find solace in the services that they are currently enrolled. These conversations will be guided by a fellow... more

These episodes are designed and targeted to veterans, their families and others who suffer from PTSD but has yet to find help through the current services they are involved with. These conversations will be guided by a fellow veteran... more

This episode we will speak about who is truly the High Priest over all that may lay claim to this title. We will learn to whom all power and authority is given. Can you guess?

In this weekly series, we will open our phone lines up to veterans and other suffering from PTSD but for some reason does not appear to be getting what they need from the services they are currently involved in. These conversations... more

The chapter tells us about the promise of rest God has made to all those who suffer for him, that all of your hard work to demonstrate God's wisdom, power and grace will not go unrewarded.

This episode finally makes it clear whom is greater, Jesus or Moses. Remember many have classified the rules they still believe we are under as the Laws of Moses and while they cherished Moses, they murdered Jesus.

This episode warns us about the dangers of drifting away from God and what we can do to get back on track. This and all of the chapters of Hebrew seems to speak directly to us.

The first chapter in the book of Hebrews dealing with clarification that Jesus Christ is God's son. Even though many do say this is true very few ever truly understand what it really means nor do they ever understand the true role of angels. Do you... more

This is Paul's final words to the church and his words according to Timothy. Here we, again recap all of the chapter prior and try to get an idea of what the purpose of this book really was.
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