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A combination of Sunday School and Bible Study where we learn that there is no true right or wrong way to serve God. Teaching that it is more about the way you live and the example you set than anything else.

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What is the most unrecognizable and committed sin in the universe? Read this article and see if you can figure it out. Pasadena, CA- The mother of a former cashier at Target in Pasadena is suing the retailer, alleging that her son committed suicide after being humiliated by management. In the lawsuit, Virginia Gentles claims her son, 22-year-old Graham Gentles, was driven to suicide after he was accused of stealing, handcuffed and "paraded" through the store in front of coworkers and customers. Graham Gentles jumped to his death from the roof of the Courtyard Marriott in Monrovia on July 18, three days after he was allegedly required by Target management to take part in what the lawsuit calls a "walk of shame." The lawsuit alleges false imprisonment, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. According to the complaint, Graham Gentles was met by police and Target security personnel at the front of the store as he arrived for work on July 15. The suit alleges that police forcefully grabbed him, emptied his pockets and pulled his hat off. At the direction of two members of the store management, he was handcuffed and led to an office, according to the suit. "Gentles was shocked, confused and mortified at being handcuffed and walked through the Target store in front of co-workers and store customers. Mr. Gentles had no idea why he was being arrested," the complaint says.
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For quite some time now I have been trying to convince you to pick up the Bible and read it for yourself, to determine how you think God wants you to live. I have been trying to tell you that God's will is not that which others tell you but that... more

You often hear people say that the world is full of ?arm-chair quarterbacks?, Micro-managers, ?second-guessers? and ?residential experts? but you never hear why so many of these types of people exist. If you were to ask them why so... more

Having read the Holy Bible from cover to cover, I cannot recall seeing any passage which tells us exactly what eternal life really means but I can tell you what I believe it means and it may just surprise you. Before I do there are a few... more

Another child dies because we filed to realize what is really important in this world of evil. We concentrate on other things and leave those most vulnerable exposed then have the nerve to wonder why they did not survive. We look for those to... more

To say that the fighting between parents do not affect the children is to deny that there are bones within our bodies. It does affect them and in a way that only those who grew up in a busted home where one or both of the parents were absent... more

For all of you citizens who think that there are no ?good? cops and for you cops that this that there are no ?good? citizens, this story is for you and it is all the proof you may need to understand why I say evil will never win. The article is... more

As a newborn grows and develops, many often can be heard saying that they think that newborn has been here before. Not really having any other reason to say that except watching them catch on to things so quickly and saying... more

There is an article titled ?How the Cycle of Chronic Homelessness Begins—and Ends? written by Christina Davidson that clearly spells out how such a man-made problem like homelessness could be solved. The article... more

There are many driving forces that feeds our lack of understanding and because of that, many of us just give up totally on trying to even come close to figuring out what the other person means. We can't seem to get it and because we don't get... more

Contrary to all that you were told and wish to believe, any decision you make does have an effect on others, either directly or indirectly. So many examples of this have been used in other articles before but I still don't think you get it so... more
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