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Join identical twin sisters Tonie and Tonia as they discuss the grand-pappy of modern zombie lore, George A. Romero. Come listen as we talk about his once and future movies, his handsome gray hair, what the A stands for, and much,... more

Join the Twins as they vent about the crappiest month of the year! It is HOT, there are NO holidays to enjoy, kids are dreading going back to school and ANYTHING that CAN go wrong WILL GO WRONG! DAMM YOU AUGUST!!!!

Join identical twin sisters Tonie and Tonia as they spend an hour gushing on and on and on about one of their favorite authors, Stephen King. There will be much mentionings of books, movies and the odd made for TV dramas. There might... more

Join identical twin sisters Tonie and Tonia as they mull over which Richard O'Brien musical has what it takes to be called the bestest! Are you a Sweet Transvetite or do you feel the need to be Bitchin' in the Kitchen???

Join identical twins sisters Tonie and Tonia as they discuss their southern heritage, one cotton pickin' complaint at a time. From fried green tomatoes to a church on every corner, learn what makes the south tic, tock and rock and roll!

Join Twin sisters Tonia and Tonie as they flog a dead horse. It's a subject that they are more passionate about than zombies! And a subject too big to handle in one show!! Tune in to find out what they missed the first time round!! May... more

After the tech snag last week, the Twins will be once again trying to gab with GORE SCORE website dude: Tony Schaab, writer and zombie enthusiast, as he tells us all about the missed Marvel Zombies week and whatever stuff he can... more

Join identical twin sisters Tonie and Tonia as they host their first and only official Safe For Work show. Listen as they discuss the wonderful world of kittehs, puppehs and ponies! What could be more tame? A bowl full of oatmeal will... more

Join identical twins Tonie and Tonia as they discuss the art of NOT being master of your domain! Yes, this is an episode about self love. We do it, you do it, everyone does it! But why don't we talk about it? Oh, maybe because its too... more