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The Journey back to Source is the Grand Adventure; We are eternal; expansion that never ends; To surrender and completely abandon oneself to experience the inexpressible unutterable joys of Divine Love, through the infinitely multifaceted Dance of The Lover Light and The Beloved Sound. When the volatile, opposite energies coalesce into a molten homogeneity, a transfiguration takes place; all distinction evaporates in the nuclear fusion, and out of this emerges the ever-present stillness of the genderless To enter this reality is to be self and not self. To know and to be. The One. Being both a sentient individual manifest AND simultaneously KNOWING Oneself as a direct, embodied expression of Christiac God-source is known as the state of "God-actualization"; this state creates the experience of FULLY ENGAGED NON-aTTACHMENT, (not DIS-eNGAGED DETACHMENT) accompanied by perpetual Unconditional Love, Peace, Spiritual and Material Mastery and Ecstatic Joy within the manifest arena. Donations Welcome via paypal
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