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Join the 12Kings as we share not just a man of God's perspective on everyday relationship issues.12 Kings represents every man and have committed to being real, honest, and transparent with the sole purpose of restoring family structure and family values. Join us each week as we get to the core challenges of personal, marital and spiritual relationships.

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Many of us can attest to the fact that the society we live in today is full of talk along with actions that don't measure up to what is being proclaimed. When it comes to our youth, many of them have been affected negatively through... more

Every relationship has its fair share of storms. Eventhough we have the tools, many times we simply don't know when and how to use them to withstand the high winds and fierce rain. Join us as we discuss the keys needed to... more

This past Thursday's show was one incredible broadcast to say the least. Minds were enlightened tremendously from the information shared concerning the responsibilities in preparation. We will again tackle the do's and don'ts when it... more

What is the deal these days with short lived relationships and marriages? Why are they seemingly ending as quickly as they are established? Maybe one of the various reasons is due to the lack of preparation and the responsibility that goes... more

In our episode this past Thursday we laid a strong foundation in identifying the core of the many dysfunctions within the body of Christ. Now as we look to part 2 of this subject, we will dive into several areas that contributes to "church"... more

The church. What should be the most powerful movement on this earth, the greatest ground breaking force that represents everything of who God is has now appeared to be the less effectice component for change. What is going on?... more

Life is full of choices and decisions to make. Yet how many of these decisions and choices require prayer or just common sense? Its is imperative that we know the difference between the two and when to truly use them. Many blessings... more

We're dealing with a generation of children who are coming from broken homes, dysfunctional families, abuse, and neglect that has created what we call "Tattoo Tears". You may wonder why they act out the way they do and why they appear... more

As we are still riding the waves of surprise and power displayed from last week's broadcast, we are now eagerly waiting to dive into another segment of an intruiging and liberating topic concerning the DNA of a father. This is a show you... more

Do you know your father...and if so, do you know your DNA? What components within make you who you are? How inmportant is it to know your DNA? Join us, the 12 Kings as we discuss what will be a groundbreaking and powerful show... more