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Tweak Your Geek is a podcast geared towards anything and everything geek. The show focuses on topics our crew and fans are passionate about.

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We had a plan but then someone took some protien powders then looked into the furture! What did he see? Movies from the future! We go down a dark road and find ourselves in a garage.

I know The Ring City came out a while ago but I still love it! We like playing videogames just as much as the next person lets see where nostalgia...Oh Duke goes into a sensory deprivation tank (0.o) sensory deprivation tank... more

If you looked into the future, what would you see? What would want to see? We discuss Destiny(2), thoughts on Logan and swapping body parts. Destiny 2 trailer https://youtu.be/ZJLAJVmggt0

Table top gaming, D&D and Dice Advance (Modified D&D) and everything in between. We reach for the stars in foam armor if Duke would make it. Foam Armor How Too: https://youtu.be/bsmAzZqaHJw

What happens when you spend to much time on the internet? Maybe the samething when you spend to much time over seas... If you're willing to tread where we go, we could find out together...maybe. i.Con Smart Condom... more

We go as deep as we can into tipping etiquette then its a free-for-all on favorite movies from our teen years. Who will survive? Who'll get butthurt? Let's find out! The Matrix reboot... more

Beware! We have an In Depth discussion on methods of cleaning. The DCU could tear us apart, before some of us start liking it!!! https://www.squattypotty.com/ the crow http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109506/

We're all over the place today but in hindsight everything is connected to the Raspberry Pi... We like pie... Mmm goood (>^.^)> ^.^)> Homemade Arcade https://youtu.be/3fC3aQO8P7k Magic Mirror https://youtu.be/fkVBAcvbrjU... more

Today we discuss the Myo Gesture Control Armband, why one of us is tired of Superhero Movies, and the joys of building a gaming pc for a family member when money isn't a concern. https://www.myo.com/