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Tiller Tournament Three: Episode 1

  • Broadcast in Television
Weekend Block

Weekend Block


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10 players gather together to play a series of games, trying to build up a cybermoney pot that only one player can win. But one of the 10 players is The Mole, whose goal is to make the team lose while trying to keep a straight face.

The very first game is a resemblance of Apples to Apples Match Game. 20 adjectives, each with two answers were thought up, and then asked to a mystery person. It is up to the team to find out how the mystery person predicted the answers. Each correct answer will earn $500 in cybermoney. If all 10 players agree on the same answer and it's right, they each will receive $1,000 in cybermoney, but will lose that much if they all agree on the same answer and it is wrong. The 20th adjective is the Gamble Adjective, which has three answers, one of which was chosen by the mystery person. If a player goes for an answer that was not given by our mystery person and that prediction is right, they will double what they wagered. If they go for the answer said by our mystery person and it's right, they will get triple of the wager. Their wager is lost if they make an incorrect prediction. All the cybermoney leftover from the game will be added to the group pot.

Just try and remember this one question. Who is the Mole? Because after every game, a Quiz will be posted and the players must finish them before Wednesday. The player who scores the lowest on the Quiz is eliminated from the game. If there is a tie between players, the player who turned in their Quiz the last will be the one to be eliminated.