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Game Show Temple LIVE! | Monopoly

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*Although Gregory Gauthier is the present champion, Andrew Budny is being invited back in the benefit of the doubt in the event of two questions written incorrectly last week*

This week's game is Monopoly. I was planning on Sale of the Century, but that will come in later time. Monopoly will be played almost like the short-lived TV show, only a little different. While gathering properties, players will answer questions that are categorized by the properties. but when a player answers a question, they take control and try to answer down the line until they get a monopoly (think of Hostile Takeover). Whenever they answer wrong, an opponent gets a chance to take control of that property, which could lead to a showdown between the players for control of the monopoly.

When all properties are achieved, players buys houses ($50) and hotels ($250) to build up value of their properties, and will travel around the board on their own. Whenever a player steals control, their token will move along the spaces. Whenever a token lands on any railroad, any player can advance to a Hostile Takeover, Free Parking jackpot starts at $1,000, Chance and Community Chest cards apply, including the Go To Jail, Luxury Tax ($500 per player), GO and Income Tax ($1,000 from 1st place players, $500 from 2nd and $250 from 3rd). When time is called, houses and hotels are cashed and the player in the lead will play for $100,000.

In the bonus round, the winner places one Go To Jail space on second street, 2 on third street and three on fourth, bearing in mind the Go To Jail on the corner will be active. That player will roll up to 5 times, earning another with a double to go around the board. Every space is worth $250. Passing GO will win $50,000, but landing EXACTLY on GO will earn $100,000. But watch out, because anytime that player lands on ANY Go To Jail Space, the round ends and all winnings are lost

Don't miss the game at 11:00 PM (6/18/11)