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Play To Win, Game Show Grand Prix, Prelude To Winning, and the Antonio Gray Show all together bringing you total randomness and stiff competition.

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Elliott Schiff, winner of the chosen one tournament has proven himself worthy to challenge Chris Jarzabek for the richest prize in our game. Tonight he goes for the title of World's Greatest Competitor as Battlestar Champion in a 2 out 3... more

Tonight we find out who the winner of the chosen one tournament will be. Tonight all the contestants will take their winnings so far and put them to good use in our game of stepping and betting, it's Mega Step time again. And tonight we give... more

Destroy, Conquer, and Flushes hee hee hee. Tonight everyone will attempt to add pesos to their total but how many attempts will they receive? Find out in tonights game of Take it or Trash it.

The quest to find the chosen one for Chris Jarzabek's Battlestar continues tonight as the Play To Winners take major steps back in Reverse Outburst. Antonio: $32900 Seven: $25000 Brian: $23000 Bill: $23000 Scott: $20800 Budny:... more

for those of us that had delt with the mega monopoly game now an ancent slab given to me by Midna from the Twilight realm has spoken about a great demon coming to attack the town of ARKHAM Mass. will we the chosen ones be able to... more

Tonight it's all about movies from Si-if to horror to Hitchcock and even the great disator movies of the 70's see who know more about the moives in this game of skill and wits.

In tonights game our players will need Wisdom, Courgage and Power to win points. though tonights game has nothing to do with the Legend of Zelda OOT (Ocarina of Time) but the game was inspired by the Nintendo Series. So With... more

On July 26th at 10:00 PM (EDT), Michael Tiller presents the classic Password game for 4 players, two of whom give one-word clues to passwords in varying amounts of points. Halfway through the show, point values double, and the... more

Tonight anything can happy, Who will turn up and who will win will bill stay in the lead or will we have a new play in the lead.

Because Michael Tiller is retiring from the game show tape trading circuit on September 1st, one more discussion about game show tape trading is in order. Care to talk about your tape trading experiences? Join in on July 19th at 10:00... more