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Hosts Edward Shanahan, a Spiritual Observer & Psychic Reader given the award in 2012 of Best Chicago Psychic and certified in Law of Attraction and Pendulum programing. Annette who for over 20 years is a High Priestess of her own Coven and a Tarot Reader. A broadcast in it's 7th year of the Supernatural & Paranormal with the ' The Unexplained World ' co-hosts, guests and callers.

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The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - a documentary, interviews. Listen to intro then forward to 3 min 58 seconds do to call in problem or spirits, the rest is fine. Producer Jimmy O'Connor of The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - a... more

Join Annette and Edward Shanahan as they return on Thanksgiving Eve for a special broadcast for Thanks plus Edward offering some tidbits of information. On this broadcast practicing Pagan, Annette, will speak about the importance... more

Tonights broadcast during the full moon tonight, Edward Shanahan names the locations he has visited that are haunted or tied to the paranormal, the numbers add up and how many have you visited. He will name some of the most... more

Davide Kump returns and is Annette and Ed's guest on this Friday the 13th, 2013 broadcast of The Unexplained World. David will discuss the conclusions he has reached about just who the Greys are. It ties together all unknown phenomenon... more

This broadcast of The Unexplained World with Edward Shanahan and Annette. A discussion with Annette a High Priestess on how the general public can use Sage for general use. Edward Shanahan will discuss his recent Las Vegas... more

This broadcast of The Unexplained World will be with Edward Shanahan and discussion of what is going on and what is coming up in the Chicago Spiritual and Paranormal. Details about the Chicago area paranormal conference coming up,... more

On this broadcast with Annette and Edward Shanahan they will have a guest from the South Suburban Humane Society as they will be hosting a street fair themed fundraiser and adoption event at Bourbon Street in Marionette Park, IL... more

The Unexplained World now in it's 7th year of broadcasting goes with in this broadcast what is on the minds of Edward Shanahan and Annette in this broadcast. From Las Vegas to Demons again starting to surge with questions... more

On this broadcast Annette a High Priestess of her own Coven brings the history of Halloween on this broadcast. Edward Shanahan will ask questions as needed and both provide thoughts on the Holiday. Envy and Jealousy will be... more
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