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Turnbuckle Turmoil is dedicated to the wrestlers, promotions and fans of the Indy Wrestling scene. Join QT, Sign Guy and Demetri to hear some of the most intriguing interviews from performers on the Independent Wrestling circuit, or listen in to periodically hear us get thrown around the squared circle of the airwaves for an hour. Our call in number is (917) 889-9105. If you would like to be a guest on our show, please email us at turnbuckleturmoil@comcast.net. The Turnbuckle Turmoil internet radio show typically airs every Sunday @ 1pm Pacific Time, with Sign Guy's Wrestling Show most generally hitting the airwaves each Friday @ 3pm Pacific Time. Add us to your friends list or follow us, and keep up to date with all of our show dates and times. Also check out our youtube channel for videos of wrestling events that we travelled to, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you so much for supporting Independent Professional Wrestling!

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Long time independent stand out Grizzly Redwood makes his way to Sign Guy's Wrestling Show. He's faced some of the very best wrestlers in the world and can hold his own against anyone. He's going to chop down a forest's worth of questions that we present to him as we learn more about this great talent.
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"The Coach With The Most" Mike Jones from NGW NW is coming to Turnbuckle Turmoil and he's bringing some friends with him. Find out what Coach is up to and what plans are for NGW NW.

Tommy Celcious joins us for a special edition of Turnbuckle Turmoil. On the eve of the most important match of his career he will discuss how he got to this point and what lies ahead for him.

The home promotion of Sign Guy holds a historic tag team tournament to crown new champions. We will preview this tournament and hope to have some of the participants call in to give their views on this history in the making. We also have... more

Somewhat baffled by QT's tomfoolery (as well as no read on the Celcious scale), the Turnbuckle Turmoil radio team delivers a fahrenheit hot edition of the show dedicated to the hottest show in your town: Indy Pro Wrestling.

Iron Buddah will deliver his most shocking announcements regarding SCW and Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling to date! You better catch the live show, because the archived show just might end up "in the vault!" This End of 2010 Special... more

Our last show of 2010 in our normal time slot. We'll go over even more of what happened during 2010 as well as previewing what may be the biggest Sign Guy's Wrestling Show of all time. We prepare for Iron Buddah Level Shocking News... more

General Sadam Simms has contacted Turnbuckle Turmoil and demanded a forumn. He has promised to deliever Iron Buddah Level Shocking News to Turnbuckle. The hosts do not know what the news is, but we do know that if... more

Sign Guy's Wrestling Show will be doing some end of the year buisness. Some picks for our year end awards, some special guests possibly, general shennanigans.

There are two people who claim to really be the champion of ratings for Sign Guy's Wrestling Show. Ricky Ruckus has been hugely popular with the Sign Guy nation every time he's appeared. The Lovely Lylah Lodge has become The... more

We hope to reschedule Joey Kidd Owens. In the meantime, we discuss PNW Wrestling.
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