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Turnbuckle Turmoil is dedicated to the wrestlers, promotions and fans of the Indy Wrestling scene. Join QT, Sign Guy and Demetri to hear some of the most intriguing interviews from performers on the Independent Wrestling circuit, or listen in to periodically hear us get thrown around the squared circle of the airwaves for an hour. Our call in number is (917) 889-9105. If you would like to be a guest on our show, please email us at turnbuckleturmoil@comcast.net. The Turnbuckle Turmoil internet radio show typically airs every Sunday @ 1pm Pacific Time, with Sign Guy's Wrestling Show most generally hitting the airwaves each Friday @ 3pm Pacific Time. Add us to your friends list or follow us, and keep up to date with all of our show dates and times. Also check out our youtube channel for videos of wrestling events that we travelled to, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you so much for supporting Independent Professional Wrestling!

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Respected wrestling referee Kris Levin joins Turnbuckle Turmoil for the first time. He's one of the finest officials on the indy scene today and has the respect of a lot of people in important posistions in the buisness. He's based in the... more
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With only one exception, Sign Guy has known "Stompin'" Steve Bragg longer than he's known anyone else in wrestling. From their time together in high school to both eventually living their dreams in Hoosier Pro Wrestling, Sign Guy and... more

He has reffed some of the most controversial and epic matches that have been wrestled at TCW. He is colorfull...sometimes outspoken but he has allways called the matches he referees stright down the middle! Or has he? Tune in to... more

Join us for our traditional Canada Day show. We will be joined by ECCW manager, The Natural, to discuss some of the very best ever in the history of Canadian professional wrestling. Last year's show with Robert Mitchell was... more

One year ago Sign Guy came on board Turnbuckle Turmoil for the first time. To mark the occassion we're going to throw a celebration live on the air. We're bringing in EVOLVE experts The Lovely Lylah Lodge and Devestatingly... more

He hails from Albany Oregon! He is a musical force from the Eastern Part of Washington State and his musical influences include Bob Seger and Metallica. He recently rocked at the Goodwill Industries Tri-Cities Bennefit. But his passion is... more

It is widly know that the only Tropical Storm to have its name retired do to its historic destruction was Allison. The man we are going to interview is also distructive and will also have his name retired someday. He hails from... more

Long time PNW wrestler Chef joins us as a guest on Sign Guy's Wrestling Show. He's been up and down the west coast and has competed in matches that are legendary in the region. He's active for SCW and NGW currently as well as the... more

Fresh off her 5-27-11 match against Kimber Lee in Barnegat, N.J. we bring you Kacee Carlisle! She is featured in the Aug 2011 issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and she has been know to quote Nelson Mandela! She was recently ranked... more

1/2 of the tag team known as the Kentucky Buffet, Matt Cage, makes his Sign Guy's Wrestling Show debut. He's faced such stars as Jimmy Jacobs and U-Gene and is continuing to make a name for himself in the midwest. You'll want... more

Coach Mike Jones and his Real School Army are calling for a special edition of Turnbuckle Turmoil. Join us as we find out their agenda for the next battle in the war on hunger!
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