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Turn Right and Go Straight

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
Turn Right and Go Straight

Turn Right and Go Straight


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Turn Right and Go Straight is a show about not only streetwise advise for those addicted but there's strong spiritual and commonsense solutions to life's problems. It's a show about how storms come into our lives but they don't have to last.Life is all about the decisions which we make in our journey through our many diverse channels. We make either wise choices or unwise ones dependent upon our values. Some things that we inherit or digest may give a dim view of hopelessness and/or dispair to the point that we don't care whether we live productively or seductively. I for one got into drugs and alcohol early in life trying to live as someone that I was not. Nevertheless, like millions I had the courage to do what I ordinary would not have done. As a consequence that short cut to a fake success proved to be a long road of misery.Some of my guest know exactly what I am referring too. It's like placing a round peg in a square hole.My hope is to expose some fallacies in street life and an addicted one to one that has purpose and meaning. Many of us have to learn what life is all about before we go off killing our selves with substances which are foreign as well as negative to being all that we can be.God has formed us; there are influences which are put before us that deforms us but there are other forces in place to transform us.I have written a book entitled " From the Guttermost to the Uttermost " that shows how a streetwise hoodlum and thug like myself who waded thru a drug-drenched world found true meaning in Life. I know from stumbling through all kinds of dangers, and snares including a life of imprisonment how high a price we might have to care if we don't make sound decisions and clear paths of victory. We have to learn to check out the price tag on things and stuff which is counterproductive to our well-being. When we reach the check-out counter we may not be able to pay.