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From daytime to primetime, we talk about all things sudsy with your host, Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms.Whether it’s THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS or THE VAMPIRE DIARIES,REVENGE or GENERAL HOSPITAL, we've got you covered with news, opinions and the latest buzz about your favorite continuing dramas!

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How long is too long -- or not long enough -- when it comes to a soap character mourning their beloved partner, ala GENERAL HOSPITAL's Patrick and Sam? How important is it for a character's morality to either track or, at the... more
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This week, join host Richard M. Simms as he talks to author Steven Novak about his latest novel, the apocalyptic thriller Megan. Find out where the idea came from, what inspires Novak's writing and what's next for both him and the title... more

The holiday season brought our podcasting schedule — like everything else — to a screeching halt. Tonight, we'll be catching up on all the storyline twists and real-life news that had us talking as 2013 came to an end... plus,... more

Recently, host Richard M. Simms -- executive editor of Soaps in Depth magazine -- joined Dan J. Kroll on the Soapcentral Live podcast to discuss the top 10 news stories of 2013. Now, we'll look at the stories that didn't make the cut. If you... more

Their names are known to soap fans everywhere. Luke and Laura. Bo and Hope. Cruz and Eden. Steve and Alice. Josh and Reva. Their loves stories are legendary, their fights epic. They are the supercouples... and they are, in large... more

If April showers bring May flowers, than November sweeps must bring December weddings. On GENERAL HOSPITAL, fans were literally shouting at their screens today as Robin sat at the back of the church listening to her husband exchange... more

Every soap has one. That couple that has killer chemistry, a whole lot of fans... and a history that makes other viewers say ?No way, Jose!? THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Sharon and Adam; GENERAL HOSPITAL's Carly and Franco; THE... more

The past few weeks have seen a lot of sudsy action as THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Bill climbed up a hill and fell down into a very big mess; GENERAL HOSPITAL's Robin learned you can go home again… but you might now... more

Tonight, join host Richard Simms and his special guest, Mary Pat Hyland, as they discuss her novel, The House With The Wraparound porch. We'll find out the inspiration behind the wonderfully sudsy novel, discuss the intersection of fact... more

If there's one thing regular listeners know, it's that when you get host Richard M. Simms — the executive editor of Soaps In Depth magazine — together with Soap Central Live host Dan J. Kroll, there will be great discussion,... more

There are big emotions playing out round the soap dial, with GENERAL HOSPITAL's Robin on her way home and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Delia on her way to heaven. Thrown in the latest break-up between THE BOLD... more