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Two Screws and A NUT is the weekly show about “home improvement without a net”. Lamont, Jim, and JJ are ordinary homeowners with limited experience, finance and time for home improvement. The idea of the show is to take a look at home improvement from the ordinary homeowner’s point of view. Using real life projects and a little bit of humor, Lamont, Jim, and JJ work on a variety of projects with the notion “if they can do it, you can too”! In addition Two Screws and a Nut will introduce the many tools in the market, how to use them, and safety tips. There will be features on home improvement venues and other shows. Local guest who are in the business of home improvement, will drop by to chat with Two Screws and a Nut and share their expertise. Listeners can call in with their questions as well as project ideas at 818-394-8551. This show is for the experienced contractor, the weekend warrior who does not have the experience or time for home projects, and people who enjoy apartment living and want to spruce up the apartment on a light budget. For men and women, Two Screws and a Nut will discuss relevant and useful tips year round. Listen in on the fun at Blogtalkradio.com/wlks and follow Two Screws and a Nut on Blogtalkradio, tsngroup on Twitter and Facebook/tsngroup.

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Join Lamont and Woodstock Jim as they talk about home improvement, home maintenance and current events.
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Jim talks about changing your college bound kid's room into something useful, while Lamont talks about setting up a outdoor kitchen together on the cheap. Also- East Point, GA... the most dangerous city in America... or is it???? Texas... more

Woodstock talks about spring cleaning while Lamont talks tax credits for consumer energy efficiency. Also- Fed up dad moves messy bedroom to the driveway Teen spends 31K that was accidently deposited into account-finders... more

The guys talk about warranties and scheduled maintenance on home appliances. Also - Man arrested for beating down boy he caught in the shower...ith his 16 year old step daughter Toyota settles billion dollar lawsuit takes on and admitts... more

Woodstock and Lamont talk about getting their tards ready for spring. Also natural weed killers.and the tool of the week. Also- Father files restraining order against son's bully... think its silly? Talk to the kid that got punched in the face for... more

Lamont talks about securing the fireplace for spring, meanwhile Woodstock talks insulation. Also - Seniors arrested for protest at Georgia state capitol Auto payments kept Michigan's death hidden for over 5 years GM recalls vehicles for... more

Woodstock talks about table saw safety. The weather is starting to warm up (not so much Chicago) so lets start gardening! Also - 22 pound cat corners family after kid pulls his tail... is the cat standing his ground? Toddler has... more

Woodstock Jim gives out some fresh tips for installing molding, while Lamont talks about "dropping the bomb" on bugs. Also - Bullet proof Bible saves bus driver.... devine intervention? Banning the word bossy... how about banning the word... more

Clocks spring forward this Saturday, tips on what to do around the house. Also- 38% of the US banks offer free checking, so why haven't you switched to a credit union? Slow-poke bill aims to stop left lane lingerers One third of the nations... more

Jim electrifies the air waves with simple wiring jobs at home, while Lamont talks about the neighborhood watch. Also - Do you want the "Bieb" as your neighbor? Detroit mom repels borders and fights of thugs with assault riffle As the weather... more
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