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Come join me as we will discuss everything from relationships to current events. Let's have fun and respect each other.

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On blogtalk radio, we have heard the male perspective on various relationship issues concerning black women. I want to give the female perspective on some of the concerns black men have when it comes to dating and possibly marrying... more

Time and time again, we have listened to black people complain about what's being portrayed in the media. We complain about the beauty standards. We complain about black men being depicted as drug dealers, and black women a... more

There is one aspect of family law that is rarely discussed. That is paternity fraud. More and more men are being ordered to pay child support for children that they didn't father. How come no one is speaking out on this injustice? How can this... more

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The number of welfare and food stamp recipients has increased over the years. The increase in those recipients has put the biggest strain on the middle class. The middle class is the hardest taxed group in this country, and they have to... more

In Vol 2, we will be discussing what today's parents expose their children to. In the wake of a 4 yr old Indianapolis boy shooting and killing his 3 year old playmate with a .45 caliber handgun, my question is "Where did he learn that?"... more

Whenever a black person becomes "successful," there is immense pressure to "give back" to Blacks in the hood? Why should I give back? Why should I give to an area I never lived in, nor received annything from? What are some ways... more

More and more African American children are born into poverty everyday. The vast majority of those children are growing up in single parent homes. Today, we will cover the economic, educational, criminal, and mental effects of African... more

I have seen and heard the outrage of many Blacks over the ruling in the Oscar Grant case. It is a travesty that his life was taken away by that cop; however, why aren't Blacks equally, if not more upset at the bad things plaguing our community?

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