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Come join me as we will discuss everything from relationships to current events. Let's have fun and respect each other.

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Ever since Barack Obama was elected in 2008, many prominent black people accused the president of not caring about the issues of black people. Now, he is accused of not caring about those in Chicago, while crying over white people in... more

I have listened to black men make the complaint that black women choose thugs, losers, bad boys, etc over the nice or good guy in their youth; however, those same women will want the latter later in life. Many men are wondering why they... more

Greetings everyone. In the aftermath of the first presidential debate, I want to get your opinions on everything from the debate to which issues are important to you. I would like to also talk to those who are feeling the crunch economically. I... more

Greetings everyone! The title speaks for itself. Friday, Sep 28 at 8PMEST/5PST will be an open forum on ANY relationship topic you may have. It can be interracial dating, long distance relationships, dating while having children, and... more

I have listened to countless black women and older black men talking about these young men not doing this and not doing that. I am going to ask "What is your gameplan?" I am talking about the moves you are making to earn a good... more

There has been great debate online as to whether a man with money is more desirable for a woman than a man of character. The question is "Does being the breadwinner mean you have the power?" How does this dynamic affect the black... more

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I have observed and listened why child support is so beneficial towards the rearing of the child. If that was the case, then why are all the negative statistics regarding children in fatherless homes climbing? The children receive child... more

I watched a commercial hyping another ABC "Why Successful Black Women Are Single" special. The problem is the people on the panel are not going to tell the truth. Heck, the male panelists are not going to tell the truth. I will tell the truth as... more

If you have a choice ladies, would you rather the father of your child pay child support or spend quality time with his child? Feel free to elaborate on either choice you may pick. Remember you can only choose one or the other. Call in... more