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These shows are all about walking into freedom - freedom of self-expression in all that you do, freedom to identify your dreams, freedom to emerge emotionally, physically and spiritually into a full life that you define with joy instead of a world of "shoulds", fears, and self-doubt.

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Say what??? How could love be a problem? What's problematic is how little we do it, and how little we believe that it really makes a difference. Come learn how to start actually giving yourself the gift of self-love, and what that does... more

JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE AT Facebook.com/truvoicecommunications! ************************************************* A continuation of last week's most popular episode about Emotional Intimacy, this Monday's podcast is about that... more

We all crave love. From friends, from our spouses, even from the world at large; that last kind of love we call "admiration". And we all try really hard to get it. The problem is, we so often don't! Why? What's the problem here? The problem is... more

I've dealt with fear - even terror - for many years. And it is now that I am finding ways to deal with and transform it. There are so many of us human beings who live with depression, hidden terrors, self-doubts, emotional pains that we feel... more

If you've been in personal or spiritual growth communities for any length of time, you have been a seeker of change. Then, when change comes, the screaming can often begin, can't it? So I started to wonder about this phenomenon,... more

Tonight we are talking with Jeanne Courtney, MFT, San Francisco Bay Area Feminist Psychotherapist and proponent of size acceptance, and Health At Every Size. We women have a terrible time with shame, self-judgment, comparing... more

When we are scared, challenged, hurt - those are the times we need courage the most. The word "courage" comes from the French word "coeur", meaning heart. What this means is that courage is all about settling into action/non-action that... more

In 1953 a man named Ashley Montague - that's right, I said a man - wrote a book called The Natural Superiority of Women. Today, in 2014, we talk quite a bit about taking back and celebrating our power, but there are precious few of us... more

Seriously...so to speak...when you feel free to look silly, and you don't care what others' think because you're focused on having such a good time ... now you're dancing! Now you're boogeying with freedom! Now you're letting yourself be a... more

Do you know the frustration of feeling as though you have worked too hard for too long and haven't seen enough transformation? TruVoice What if you are working too hard? What if you are missing a specific kind of balance that comes from... more