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We are continuing in our series: "Exposing the Signs of the Times, Get Ready - Stay Ready It Will Happen In A Moment." We are now in the final division of this Great Book, which is The Things Which Shall be Hereafter (after the church age is over). The final chapters of this book, Revelation chapters 4 - 22 are all futuristic.

We are concluding in this wonderful teaching the last three chapters of Revelation. Tonight we will continue to expose what John saw in the 21st chapter; beginning verse 11 to its closing. We will reflect on some significant words and thought from past teaching concerning this beautiful city. These final chapter are the making of a new era; closing out the earth age in the judgment seat of Christ and the entry of the saints into a new way of living. John saw a New Heaven and Earth descending from above. 

The angel called John up higher to see the bride and the city coming out of heaven from God. This city represented as the bride was holy, set a part for God's use. That same city John saw was holy then, must be holy now in the earth. 

This city was the most beautiful of all things made in the earth; the very glory of God illuminated this place. The details of this city is unfamiliar to the construction of the hands of man; it is heavenly made by God Himself and filled with His attributes. A beautiful place prepared for his bride the church. All things made for God's people will be in this city; the lighting system totally unfamiliar to that we are accustomed to. This beautiful city made of the finest of things even the streets paved with pure gold shining like glass. The foundational stones of this city is represented in the ministry gifting of the Apostleship. It was on this very foundation that they church was established. Founded in the power of the Holy Spirit and birth in its demonstration. Wet your appetite for a heavenly eternal lifestyle of bliss.