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Who control the Vatican Hierarchy and USA?

The same people who control the banking system, control the politician. How can we take the power away from the bankers?

The President and Congress have broke the law under executive privilege. Congress and Bush have committed war crimes. FISA

We will discuss the injustice that goes on in America. A report states that the U.S.leads the world in child incarceration.

Will we have a economic crash this year? Did Bill Clinton say Obama will have to kiss his ass before he give Obama his support?

We will discuss Presidential Directive 51, NESARA and Former Senator Mike Gravel calls for independent 9/11 investigation and the prosecution of President Bush and Dick cheney

Oklahoma recalls Bill 1507 which dealt with Foreign Trade Zones. Why is Bush helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes? Blogger arrests hit record high.

This African American World War 2 veteran will talk about what went on in this war from his perspective. If you are or know someone who is a World War 11 veteran, call-in and talk about your experience

Why are we using the Federal Reserve system? Why Congress is not using the Treasury system? Also, we will talk about other political issues.
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