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We are an unfiltered radio show devoted to expressing non-conformist views on all topics including Natural Health, Politics, Culture, 9/11, Eugenics & more

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In Truther Talk Episode 13, What is a Noble Lie?, April Boden and Virstyne Henry welcome their guest, Chris Emery, producer of the award winning film, A Noble Lie, a documentary about the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah... more

In Truther Talk Episode 12, What do men and women want?, Virstyne Henry welcomes back frequent quest Liam Scheff while April Boden is away on a family day. They go into the differences between men and women and ask the age old... more

In Truther Talk Episode 11: Movies We Hate, April Boden talks to some interesting people, while co-host Virstyne Henry is busily preparing for her return to the United States, after living overseas in Taiwan for nearly 2 years. At... more

In Truther Talk Episode 10: Vax Truth.. OR.. What's a Little Pig Virus?, Virstyne and April get nauseous when talking about what goes in a vaccine. Aside from monkey kidneys, mercury and infant fetus... there's oh.. maybe a little... more

In Truther Talk, Episode 9: Comedy & Tragedy, April Boden and Virstyne Henry continue to follow their bliss by welcoming exciting celebrity guests. Woody Allen, the famous filmmaker is not a guest on Truther Talk but his reptilian... more

In Truther Talk Episode 8, Catch Up, April Boden and Virstyne Henry re-connect after a brief absence while attending to their busy lives. Virstyne brings us up to speed on her life as an American teaching and living in Taiwan. The... more

In Truther Talk, Episode 7: Synchronicty; Virstyne and April find they are in sync with their new friends Kevin Kostelnik and Benny Wills of the hilariously funny youtube sensation, JoyCamp. Dynamic radio duo meets dynamic video duo and... more

In Episode 6 of Truther Talk. April has some important business to take care of while Virstyne is left to interview the brilliant and gracious Sean Stone all an her lonesome. Together they discuss his awakening process, His Princeton thesis... more

In Episode 5 of Truther Talk, So Lonely OR Ginger Balls!, A very lonely April Boden hosts, han solo while co-host, Virstyne Henry is gone for the week. She is visited by star studded guests including, Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken... more

In Episode 4, A Gardasil Girl Speaks Out, April and Virstyne welcome 19 year old, student of homeoapthy, Sara Sotomayor to discuss her personal experience after receiving the HPV Vaccine, Gardasil. Sara tells her painful experience... more
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