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n understanding numbers as a language of symbols, and the building code of nature and the very universe itself, it’s possible to unveil the world’s greatest mysteries of past and present. Both Marty Leeds, author of Pi – The Great Work, and Santos Bonacci, Mr Astrotheology himself, join together in a momentous blending of knowledge, which will lead us toward the path to realizing our significance here at this time. Areas covered will reach into the realms of Spirituality and science; astrology and astronomy; mythology and the occult; as well as numerology, geometry, and mathematics.

Listeners will have the unique opportunity to hear both guests together at once, discussing each of their fields of research, combining and overlapping conclusions resulting from their studies, and expanding even further upon the workings of both matter and mind. Topics will include the symbolism of numbers, numerology of the Zodiac, linguistics (the meaning of language and structure of words), spirituality, and the ancient form of divination, called the Tarot. There’s bound to be so much more to gain in this session that it’s near impossible to decide where to begin the list!

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