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In his books and lectures, Author, Thomas Sheridan, outlines what the psychopathic personality is, along with the effect these manipulative individuals have upon people and organisations they decide to target for their own gain. Thomas’ research takes an introductory approach into neuroscience, psychology, and pathology to explain the nature and behaviour of psychopaths – also known as sociopaths (and often mistakenly misdiagnosed as narcissists), and how to recover from this often horrific emotional experience when a psychopath passes though a person’s life. Thomas expands significantly on this in layman’s terms in his books, Puzzling People: The Labyrinth Of The Psychopath, and Defeated Demons: Freedom From Consciousness Parasites In Psychopathic Society.

In the mainstream, we are surrounded by these personalities in positions of elitist power, ruling every facet of our lives behind the curtains of what may seem to some as their own puppet show, in a global fit of viral domination. Those we term ‘the powers that were’, ‘new world order’, ‘Illuminati’, etc, fit the profile of a psychopath like it was a term built precisely for them. The psychopath is a predatory individual who pretends to be someone they are not, gaining the trust of the target, in order to exploit them in some way. Most times it can be just for the sheer rush of enjoyment he/she gains for having broken another human being and then casually walking away as if they never existed. Sound Familiar?
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