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Frequency-Spiritual Connection

Truth and Transformation


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June 2012, six yrs after the tragic loss of my 22 yr old son --the chase for Truth revealed Kentucky's Spiritual Vortex & how we impact the world for good.

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Self-Realization is "the fulfillment of One's capacities." Isn't fulfillment what everyone is searching for? But how do we achieve it? Identify your strengths, your passions, your desires and your hopes. That's easy enough, most of us can... more

The program tonight is dedicated to Sadie. A 12year old lab mix adopted in July 2006. She was the companion to fill the void after burying my 22 year old son just weeks before. She had been abused and shook like a leaf. She didn't find her... more

Are you struggling with grief, depression, or feeling abandoned by life? Have you ever felt short changed by God, others, friends and family? Do you take two steps forward and three steps back? Ever feel like you have had just about all the bad... more

Only in the darkest part of my life was I willing to cut the cords to everyone else's beliefs, opinions, perspective, criticism, judgement, and ideas ... The shackles had to be cut so my soul could be set free. Free to journey a path to find... more

Join me as connect the dots of coming out of the dark night of the soul to an incredible quest for Truth. From six years of debilitating grief to a magical supernatural visitation and presence now opening the avenue for spiritual... more

I always believed in Heaven. I am a follower of Jesus the Christ. I believed in the rapture of the Saints. I always tried to follow the Golden Rule; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I supported more Pastors and Evangelists... more

If you have come far enough along on this journey to realize, recognize, and accept that your are ENERGY, and that ENERGY never dies It is time to consider the FREQUENCY you are operating on or within Just as the electrical current... more

I hope you have been following Give Truth a Chance in episodes 1-3 as we Unmasked Grief & Viewed Grief as a Catalyst. Considering the immortal questions of who am I, why am I here, why do people die, why is there so much... more

?Grief is a teacher of wisdom, a well of emotion. Within its grip, a finely tuned instrument of sensitivity and perseverance. A bitter medicine of Truth. Grief doesn't wait for an invitation. Grief is an intruder. Much like a masked bandit that... more

I will be sharing my life's journey and the challenges of tragedy and trauma. How I allowed Grief to paralyze me for six years. I am new to radio and this is my 2nd program, but I will have an open chat room for those online and I will have a call... more