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Here at Truth Agenda Radio my goal is to provide facts and truth along with discussion from listeners. I want this program to operate like many of the shows I listen to throughout the week. I want to laugh when I can at crazy stories you may have missed. I want to get upset at what is happening to our great country. I want to hear from you on the topics I discuss as well as any other concerns you wish to share. When you listen to my show I want you yo be able to turn it on as you are cooking or cleaning. It will be kid friendly 99% of the time and I will warn you of any graphic content. As my audience slowly grows, I will also increase my time on the air so I can provide more facts and stories that interest me and hopefully you as well. Your feedback is always appreciated and welcomed as a tool to help me on my life's passion in broadcasting. Thank you for your time.

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I don't know how much more ebola incompetence I can handle talking about this week but I will tackle this one more time. My focus isn't so much the ebola virus itself but the ability for the government to act so uninformed and... more

This past week the Texas and Wisconson voter ID laws were shot down. I will discuss that issue and explain the reasons democrats dont want them in place. It seems to be they think the democratic base is lazy or stupid, or both. Here in... more

This is a shorter episode tonight so I want to cover a few main issues that I feel each of us needs to be aware of for ourselves and our families. I will keep you informed with clear, logical, and truthful information. Tonight I will talk about... more

Just like Johnny in "The Shining" , He's back. Yes my friends, war is back like a case of athletes foot mixed with leprosy and maybe male pattern baldness for good measure. I really don't mean to make light of the seriousness of... more

This week we crossed another 9/11 anniversary. 13 years later and we are still at war with an enemy we wont name and we wont destroy. Plus a look at the Kansas election for Govenor, Wisconsin voter ID law, and our war with radical... more

With everything going on today in our world we seem to have ageneration stuck on simple topics. Hurt feeling and a higher minimum wage are all the rave. Let us tackle some of the bigger issues and see if we can put a crack in the wall that... more

This will only be a 30 minute episode so the Obama scandals will have to wait until next week. I am going to tough on the subject of race and how it relates to Ferguson, Missouri. As a white man, I know that I can never understand what it... more

Many Americans still believe that all of this scandal "nonsense" is because we are racist Obama haters. I will bring a few more details to the growing number of acts that this president has that had lead many of us to believe that he is following... more

We will be discussing the ACA (Obamacare) rulings and how it could effect you. I will be taking live call ins about family and what you do yo spend quality time together. Other than that, we will once again touch on some current events both... more

I will tackle the latest current events along with starting to research who the democrats plan on running for president in 2016 in case Hillary doesn't run for office.