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As professional truck drivers make their way across the country, their job calls for them to work in every high crime area in the United States. Major cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, Oakland, the burroughs of New York City and everywhere in-between, truckers can find themselves in serious and dangerous situations. With the trucking industry operating 24/7 with scheduled pickups and deliveries at any given time of the day or night, these men and women of the highway face many areas of criminal activity and can often be the targeted victim as well. Even though there is no Federal Law that prohibits truck drivers from the legal right to carry a firearm for protection, individual motor carrier rules may do so. In 2012, Detroit city alone was home to 386 murders and 15,009 violent crimes as this is one of many major freight hubs where truckers must conduct business to keep America moving. Furthermore, rise in crime has fast been expanding outside of the typical major city areas such as states in the South and Midwest. The reality of trucking is that it can be a dangerous job and the inability for the driver to carry protection due to company rules and regulations can only add to the situation. Even with a legal state permit, drivers can find themselves in trouble if the transporting of the firearm is not in accordance with Federal Law 18 U.S. Code § 926A. Also, not every State recognizes an individual's State CCW. For example, only 34 states currently recognize a concealed weapon permit from the state of Florida; another aspect that could cause trouble for the driver entering such a state as New Jersey. It varies from state to state even more, as for example, only 18 states will recognize a permit from the state of Illinois. Where do truckers stand on their ability to carry for their own personal protection? Call-in number: 347-826-9170
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