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In the early morning hours of September 3, 2006, professional truck driver Randy Tomblin pulled his rig over on the side of I-64 near Huntington, West Virginia. Randy was responding to a lady waving on the side of the interstate, apparently with a flat tire. The time was about 3:00 A.M. Having always been a good samaritan, Tomblin thought to himself that there was no way he was going to let a women change a tire alone and in the dark. As he walked pass the auto, a male suddenly appeared, hitting Tomblin over the head with what police believed to be a .380-caliber handgun. Tomblin would be robbed of $200 and as he attempted to rise to his feet, the man fired one bullet that lodged between his lower back and pelvis and which still remains there today. The shooting would cause Randy to spend four months in a wheelchair and unable to work for eleven months. As a professional driver for 39 years, Randy Tomblin joins us as our special guest to share his story and to discuss his views on Mike's Law - a proposed Bill to Congress by the Small Business in Transportation Coalition which if signed into law, would allow U.S. citizens engaged in interstate commerce to carry a concealed weapon throughout all states, thus not being held to the current reciprocity laws. The legislative draft entitled Sec. 9999 ?Americans Working in Interstate Commerce Protection Act of 2014? is named for trucker, Mike Boeglin who was fatally shot in June of this year in Detroit, Michigan. As of the time of this writing, the petition has received 8,388 signatures. Join us with our special guest, Randy Tomblin as he shares his story, the thoughts on why Congress should pass Mike's Law and the ongoing problems still faced today from that one moment in time back in 2006.

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