Truth About Trucking "LIVE"

Truth About Trucking "LIVE"

Aubrey Allen Smith

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With the rising cost of fuel prices and over-regulation, many truck driving veterans are calling it quits and leaving their trucks behind. Other issues such as medical problems or simply reaching retirement age will cause thousands more to depart... more

Co-host Donna Smith welcomes Contech Composites founder, Kevin Hodge to the program to discuss the many aspects involved in the increase of modern day diseases, affecting millions of Americans and threatening their livelihood. Topics... more

Serious accidents can occur when truck drivers experience a failure with the air brakes. Many drivers have been cited for failing to inspect the brakes properly or for driver fatigue. But what if it had nothing to do with inspection or fatigue, but... more

For our final show of 2012, we continue our series on truck driver health with our special guest, Laura Anne Kilpatrick, a professional driver and founder of the American Truck Drivers Diabetes Association. As a truck driver with Type 2... more

Due to the poor diet lifestyle of truck drivers, autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 diabetes are on the rise and there is evidence showing a link between GMOs and the increase of autoimmune diseases including arthritis, multiple sclerosis,... more

XRS Corporation is a leading expert in trucking fleet performance management. According to XRS (Xata Road Science), mobile devices are already commonly used by almost 90 percent of truck drivers. As the mobile revolution continues to... more

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently incorporated major changes to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program, of which, most changes will take effect, December, 2012. Included among the... more

Starting your own trucking business takes experience, planning and knowledge, as well as using all the tools available to increase your chances for success. Eddie Gichuhi is a former long-haul trucker and founder of Trip Sheet Central, a... more

With 15 years of truck driving experience, Mike and Vicki Simons share real world tips on how to save money as a professional truck driver through their website: Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips. By developing their site, they share... more

New York Congressman, Paul Tonko returns as our special guest to explain the details concerning the funding for additional truck parking areas as described within the Transportation Bill, per Jason's Law. MAP-21 also describes the... more